Elderly Man Gets Into A Brawl With MPSJ Officer Because His Car Was Allegedly Towed Away

Authorities are urging the man to come forward to assist investigations.

Cover image via SJ Echo/Facebook

A video of a fight between an elderly man and a Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) officer has been recently circulating the Internet

SJ Echo posted a Facebook video that showed a man appearing to be in disagreement with an MPSJ officer as his car was being towed away.

The incident reportedly took place in front of CIMB bank at USJ 9 yesterday, 13 February.

In the video, the elderly man was seen raising his umbrella and hitting the officer on the arm.

The officer retaliated and wrestled the man to the ground, causing him to bleed.

Observers then pulled the officer away, while a security guard helped the man stand up.

Police are currently conducting investigations and are urging the man involved in the incident to come forward

"The officer concerned has been called up to explain what triggered the incident. We were informed that the man was objecting to the officer's act of impounding/towing of his car that triggered the man to argue and hit him with an umbrella," MPSJ’s president Noraini Roslan said, according to an updated post.

She added that the officer has been removed from duty as investigations are being carried out.

"We will be thorough and transparent in our investigations. We hope the senior citizen will come forward to share with us his side of the story," Noraini explained.

"There will be no stone left unturned in getting to the bottom of this."

Watch the video below:

Warning: Viewer discretion is advised.

"Wrestling" officer floors umbrella wielding senior citizen We just received this video showing a fiasco between an MPSJ enforcement officer with a senior citizen. The incident apparently took place in front of CIMB Bank in USJ9. In the video it shows a disagreement between the officer and the senior citizen who appears to be unhappy with his car which is about to be towed away. The senior citizen raised his umbrella and hit the officer on the arm. The officer retaliated by hitting the senior citizen and wrestled him to the ground. The senior citizen hit the floor hard on the head and the video showed him bleeding. More details of the incident is being sought from the authorities. Stay tuned!

Posted by SJ Echo on Thursday, February 13, 2020

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