Engineer Who Left His Job To Sell RM1 Buns Now Provides Employment To Others During MCO

The entrepreneur in Sabah used to run his business from his Perodua Axia, selling 1,000 buns of various kinds daily.

Cover image via Ridzuan Jamal/New Straits Times & New Straits Times

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A man who swapped roles from that of a supervising engineer to a baker selling RM1 buns out of his car boot in Sabah last year is now providing jobs to unemployed youngsters during the MCO

According to New Straits Times, 28-year-old entrepreneur Ridzuan Jamal said that he started his business by selling the baked goods for RM1 out of his car.

After less than six months, he finally had the funds to open his own shop.

Ridzuan told the daily newspaper last year that he reportedly sold around 1,000 buns daily in Penampang and Putatan, Sabah.

He also mentioned last year that despite the economical pricing of the bun, he actually earned more by selling the baked goods than his previous job.

Ridzuan selling the buns out of his car in the beginning of his business last year.

Image via Ridzuan Jamal/New Straits Times

"Now, my bakery has nine workers who recently lost their jobs, and also newly-graduated youngsters," Ridzuan said

The newly opened bakery called En.Rotiboy boasts affordable and delicious baking skills, specialising in cakes, buns, and biscuits.

He added, "There are also three secondary school students working as part-timers to help their parents whose incomes are affected by the pandemic, apart from getting work experience."

The bakery employee's basic salary range between RM900 and RM1,200.

Ridzuan (centre, in red) and his team.

Image via Ridzuan Jamal/New Straits Times

Ridzuan said that he plans to recruit more employees both for working at the bakery and agents to sell the baked goods

According to the bakery's Facebook page, En.Rotiboy aspires to expand the business and to one day have agents in every district in Sabah selling their products.

Ridzuan told New Straits Times that he is looking for agents to cover Sepangar, Inanam, Kota Kinabalu, Putatan, Papar, Kinarut, Kimanis, and Telipok.

"I am concentrating on having as many agents as possible to even cover more districts from Tuaran to Menumbok," he added.

The entrepreneur said that he needed more people in order to increase the supply of the product.

This is to help others to survive, especially with the current Movement Control Order (MCO), through employment and sales at the bakery.

Watch this video showing how the buns are prepared in the bakery

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