'Excited' Driver Gets Fine For Filming A Road Accident On His Mobile While Driving

The man's curiosity got the better of him.

Cover image via Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS (Facebook)

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We Malaysians are a curious lot

And sometimes our curiosity gets the better of us.

As it did for this one particular motorist over the week when he came across a road accident.

Driving by the accident scene — where a badly damaged car had turned turtle on the side of the road, it appears the driver couldn't keep his curiosity in check and excitedly takes his mobile out to film it.

As he approaches the accident scene, the driver slows down his vehicle to get a better shot with his camera focused on the wreckage

It seems, though, the driver somehow missed the fact that the road was lined with traffic cops who were helping manage the scene

And by the time he notices the cops, they, too, notice him playing with his mobile while driving. The usage of mobile phones while driving is a compoundable offence.

The man tries to act quickly, dropping his mobile to the dashboard, but it's too late by then.

Within seconds, one of the cops can be heard:

He's playing with his phone. Fine him!

He is then directed to pull over to the side of the road

In the video, the driver is heard muttering "Oh God" as he realises the trouble he is in now.

The 22 seconds video was uploaded to the Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS Facebook page on 9 March, where it has gone viral with over a thousand comments and close to 5,000 reactions.

Watch the man realise his curiosity got the better of him here:

At least, he could still be thankful that he is not one of these people:

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