Extended MCO Comes With Extra Freedom: Your Favourite Barbers & Dobi Can Open For Business

Small mercies.

Cover image via Aizuddin Saad/New Straits Times & TallyPress

As many of us were expecting, Putrajaya on Friday announced Movement Control Order (MCO) to be extended until 28 April

During a special address in Putrajaya, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin emphasised that the social distancing situation might prolong for several months despite it being hard for us to imagine.

"And, even so, our lives will not go back to normal. As long as the virus still exists, we have to practise social distancing. We have to take care of our hygiene. We must avoid any gatherings," he said.

The two-week long extension, however, comes with extra freedom

For example, you can go out to finally get your haircut.

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The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) has issued a media statement about the additional sectors that will be allowed to operate during the extended MCO.

Its minister, Mohamed Azmin Ali, said the applications can be filed online through the MITI website.

So which additional sectors are allowed to operate?

Among the sectors that are allowed to begin making the application include barbers (haircut only), launderettes (not self-service laundromats), hardware stores, and optical shops.

Here is the full list:

  1. Automotive industry (limited to exports of CBU, parts and components, plus after-sale services)
  2. Machinery and equipment industry
  3. Aerospace industry
  4. Construction projects and services related to construction works
  5. Science, professional, and technical services, including R&D (services incidental to legal practice, services incidental to oil and gas, R&D activities related to COVID-19, and testing labs for the sectors allowed to operate)
  6. Social health services including registered traditional and complementary medicine (TCM) practitioners
  7. Hardware shops, electrical and electronic (E&E) shops, and optometrists in the wholesale and retail industry
  8. Laundry services (only those offering full-service and does not include self-service laundrettes)
  9. Barbershops and hair salons (offering haircuts only)

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