Facebook Has Activated A Crisis Response Page For Penang Flood Victims

The page also functions as a Safety Check for people to connect with friends and loved ones in Penang.

Cover image via Penang Kini / Facebook

In light of the devastating Penang floods, Facebook has activated the Safety Check feature for those who are currently in Penang to assure their loved ones that they are safe

The feature, which is activated if enough people post about an incident, also allows you to check for friends and loved ones who are in the area and ask them if they are safe via the 'Ask if Safe' option

In addition to connecting people with their friends and loved ones, the feature also functions as a Crisis Response centre to coordinate relief efforts. Facebook users can offer aid and supplies to victims by posting on the page's 'Support' tab:

Those who are in need of shelter, food, water, transportation, as well as updates and information on flooded areas can also request for aid on the page

So if you're looking to lend aid to the victims of the Penang floods, head over to The Flooding in Penang, Malaysia crisis response page

To receive notifications on posts requesting or offering help, make sure you activate Notifications for 'Posts requesting help' and 'Posts offering help' as follow: 

The recent floods to hit Penang have been hailed as one of the worst to hit the state, with multiple areas in Penang Island, mainland Penang, and Kedah being flooded after extremely heavy rain

Updated news reports indicated that seven people have been killed, with 6,000 people being evacuated from the affected areas. Houses in several neighbourhoods and vilages were damaged, trees uprooted, and a road in Tanjung Bungah has collapsed following a landslide. 

The military has been deployed to assist with relief efforts, which are still ongoing.

According to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, the heavy rain is likely to be an effect from Typhoon Damrey, which has killed 27 people in Vietnam:

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