Facebook Used To Recruit Robbers And Gangsters In Malaysia?

The public Facebook page of a male looking for fellow robbers and criminals to execute hijackings and murders in and around Malaysia was highlighted recently.

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Are People Using Facebook As A Platform To Hire Criminals? In This Facebook Post, A Facebook User Calls For Participants To Hijack A Shell Lorry Heading For Kepong From Kapar, Klang

A Facebook post of a male who seemingly utilises Facebook as a platform to hire potential criminals.

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In The Post, He Listed The Items Needed To Carry Out The Mission - A Car, Four People Clad In Black, A Machete, A 9mm Pistol And Chloroform To Be Used On The Driver And His Assistant

Among the posts is one calling for participants in a mission to hijack a Shell lorry heading for Kepong from Kapar, Klang. He has then gone on to list the stuff needed to carry out the mission - a car, four people all clad in black, a machete, a 9mm pistol and chloroform to be used on the driver and his assistant.

"We Will Force The Lorry To A Stop And Then Slash And Shoot The Drivers, Before Selling The Lorry At The Thailand Border"

“We will force the lorry to a stop and then slash and shoot the drivers, before selling the lorry at the Thailand border,” the Facebook user posted.

In Another Facebook Post, The Facebook User Made A Post Complete With A Photo Of A Machete, And Was "Feeling To Potong"

A Facebook post found on the public page of a Facebook user who uses Facebook as a platform in search of recruits to carry out crimes.

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One Of His Other Facebook Posts Looking For Recruits Was First Highlighted By 'The Comedy Machas And Machis - CMM' Facebook Page To Their 37k Followers

The Comedy Machas and Machis - CMM highlighted a Facebook post of a man who seemingly utilises Facebook as a platform to hire potential criminals.

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"The rogue youth, who looks barely out of his teens, had even explained the profit sharing mechanism of the snatch activity."

In Their About Section, 'The Comedy Machas And Machis - CMM' Facebook Page Aims To "Highlight All Those 'Gangsters' Found In FB Of Malaysian Indian Ethnicity As Well As Educating Kids On How To Behave In Social Network"

The description of 'The Comedy Machas and Machis - CMM' Facebook page reads, "All the 'gangsters', machas and machis highlighted here will get recognition from the public, police force and their 'Ops Cantas' and we will provide whatever relevant information needed to them about these 'gangsters'. Say NO to gangs, gangsters and idiocy!"

There Are Currently No Reports Of Whether The Aforementioned Facebook User Is Serious And True To Recruiting Potential Criminals Or Criminals; Or If It Is A Big Troll

"One cannot be sure whether this fellow is for real or a big troll, who’s doing it to garner likes and comments by whatever means possible. A simple check on his profile reveals that his friends count had indeed increased after his profile was highlighted in the CMM page."

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