Family Who Used A Device To "Save Electricity" Ended Up Paying Almost RM9K To TNB

A very expensive lesson.

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A family in Puchong had to learn an expensive lesson when they were fined by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) for trying to save electricity, but using the "wrong" way

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Facebook user 'Reez Sham Yasin' shared in a post yesterday, 9 April, detailing what happened after her family installed a device on the electricity meter to reduce the monthly electricity bills about two years ago.

Acknowledging that what they did was wrong, Reez said that the family went on to install the device due to the rising cost of living and soaring electricity bills.

After installing the device, the electricity bills which usually amounted to about RM400 a month dropped drastically to about RM100 a month.

That decision proved to be costly in the end when TNB came to their house and made a surprise inspection some time last month

It was learned that the TNB personnel came over to check the electricity meter and found that there was tampering with the meter.

TNB immediately issued a letter of summons to the family and informed them that they would calculate and inform them of the actual amount owed to the electric utility company.

Reez and her siblings tried to estimate how much they would have to pay and they were ready to fork out about RM1,000 to RM2,000.

However, the actual amount charged by TNB was close to RM9,000

"After almost a month, we contacted TNB and the amount charged to us was RM8,859.25," she wrote.

Reez and her family were surprised and were extremely shocked that the amount cannot be reduced and there was no room for negotiation.

According to her, the TNB officer gave a good explanation and stated that the amount can be lessened if the family could provide proof that no one has been living inside the residential premises. However, no matter what, the amount has to be settled first.

Reez has since expressed regret and advised others not to use the wrong way to save electricity

She urged anyone who is doing something like what her family has done, not to resort to doing things illegally just to reduce the electricity bill.

"We will have to pay for what we've done in the end. Stop what you're doing because TNB is aware of what you're doing," she added.

"I hope this incident is a lesson learned for all. This is our mistake and we are responsible for the mistake."

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