FB Post Warns Girls In Cheras To Be Careful Of A Man Posing As An Indonesian Policeman

Specifically, near the IKON Mall and UCSI University area.

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A Facebook post warns netizens about a man in the IKON Mall and UCSI University area, who bothers girls by adamantly following them and asking questions

According to the Facebook post, the man poses as a policeman from Indonesia and asks questions to "collect Indonesian data" from girls who are alone in the area. The man allegedly becomes forceful if the girls do not answer or are not cooperating.

In an incident that occurred on 27 September, the man allegedly tried to harass a girl while she was out at IKON Mall to buy groceries

During the incident, the man proceeded to ask her questions like where she was from, is she a Malaysian, for her name as well as her phone number.

The Facebook post, which detailed the incident, added that the man then told the girl to follow him to a McDonald's opposite IKON Mall. However, when she refused, the man took out his phone and started recording a video of the girl as she tried to walk away from him.

The man followed the girl all the way to the Giant Hypermarket in IKON Mall and threatened to "call his boss" if she did not comply

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He tried to threaten the girl by showing the videos he had recorded of her, at which point she called up her girlfriend, the person who posted about the incident on Facebook.

According to her, when the man saw the girl on phone, he told her friend to end the call. However, the girl refused to do so.

Following her girlfriend's instruction on call, the girl then ran towards a crowded area, asking a stranger to help pretend to be her friend so that the man chasing her would feel like the girl is not alone and would leave her.

The girl later got hold of a security guard to help her

According to the Facebook post, while nothing untoward happened to the girl, she was very traumatised by the incident and is still in fear.

At the time of writing this story, the Facebook post had been shared over 225 times

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