Federal Territories Mufti Rules 'Lathi' Makeup Challenge As Haram And Sinful

Dr Luqman Abdullah said that the trending challenge goes against Islamic beliefs.

Cover image via Pejabat Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan/Facebook & Instagram @Yoopitaa

Mufti of Federal Territories Dr Luqman Abdullah has recently ruled the 'Lathi Challenge' as haram (forbidden) for Muslims

On Thursday, 18 June, the Federal Territories Mufti Office published an article on their website, addressing the issue. 

"The 'Lathi Challenge' is prohibited and sinful," it read.

"This is because it has elements of worship that may lead to idolatry and bad faith. Therefore, we would like to advise the general public of Muslims not to engage in such ritualistic challenges to safeguard our faith."

Image via Sarawak Voice

The Mufti Office cited several Islamic scriptures and explained that the challenge is prohibited due to several reasons

They wrote, "First of all, we would like to emphasise that people should not have made challenges like these viral, especially when it goes against Islamic beliefs."

They also added that the dance featured in the challenge has elements of worship and rituals that violate Islamic faith.

Meanwhile, the use of makeup to look like demons or ghosts is considered sinful based on the interpretation of a hadith by 'Aun al-Ma'bud 'ala Sunan Abi Dawud.

Image via Instagram

Originating from Indonesia, the 'Lathi Challenge' features people transforming into ghosts or monsters by using makeup

The trend went viral on social media over the past few weeks and thousands of people across Southeast Asia joined in on it.

In the challenge, makeup is applied step-by-step and then creators switch to wearing traditional clothing before completely transforming into a much scarier look. Besides ghosts and monsters, people also transform themselves into dieties and other beings.

The word 'Lathi' actually means 'tongue' in ancient Javanese language. The song that made the challenge popular talks about toxic relationships and abuse while incorporating modern EDM beats with traditional Javanese music.

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