Here's How This Policewoman Dealt With A Man Who Accused Her Of Stealing His iPhone 8 Plus

The man had acted rudely towards her in their conversation.

Cover image via Irene & Times Magazine

On 9 March, police officer Irene shared a hilarious exchange between her and an ungrateful man who lost his iPhone 8+ on her Facebook page

Image via Irene Y LM

Irene, who is from Sibu, Sarawak and is currently posted in Kuala Lumpur, rose to fame last year after appearing on several local media sites for her good looks. Currently, she has close to 100,000 followers on Facebook.

Irene had apparently found an iPhone 8+ and was expecting the owner to call back the phone

Soon enough, the man called his phone and Irene told him, "I'm sorry, I don't have time as I'm working right now. Can you come and get it yourself?"

To her surprise, the man responded rudely, "You send to me, I know you stole my phone. I will make a police report if you don't send it, I'm using 'Find My iPhone."

Oh boy, if only he knew that she IS the police.

Image via Irene Y LM

According to Irene, the unappreciative man used a lot of vulgarity in that exchange which prompted her to respond, "Okay, I will continue with work then. Goodbye."

Image via Irene Y LM

She added in her Facebook post, "You can take your time to find your iPhone in the dustbin. There's still 83% of battery left and I didn’t turn off the phone (so he could track his phone using the 'Find My iPhone' app). Good luck!”

At the time of writing, her post has garnered over 2,700 shares and 42,000 reactions on Facebook.

Irene's savageness was lauded by netizens with many claiming they would do the same if they were in her shoes. However, one user shared a similar experience in the comments, but with a different outcome.

Image via Irene Y LM

What would you have done if you were in Irene's shoes? Let us know in the comments!

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