Passengers Shared Food With Muslims For Buka Puasa When A Kedah Ferry Was Delayed

The thoughtful gestures made a Muslim passenger tear up.

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A netizen's story about how a technical malfunction on a ferry brought out the best in its passengers has warmed hearts all over the Internet

A Facebook post about the touching exchange has garnered over 5,000 shares at the time of writing.

On 7 May, the ferry en route to Kuala Kedah from Pulau Langkawi had to make an unexpected turn due to technical malfunctions

Passengers were asked to switch to another ferry, prolonging their journey. The delay meant that Muslims had no choice but to buka puasa on board.

"We didn't have food with us on the ferry, so we could only break our fast with water," the netizen wrote in his post.

It was then that another passenger on the ferry realised that some people had no food to break fast with.

"Suddenly, a Chinese aunty opened packets of chocolate and passed it to me," he said.

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She then got up from her seat and gave out chocolates to other Muslim passengers.

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The woman told those on board who had been fasting that they needed to eat properly.

The woman's act of kindness inspired another passenger to also step in

"A Chinese man in the back offered me KFC and told me to eat it or pass it to others who had been fasting," he wrote.

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The netizen revealed that the thoughtful gestures made him tear up.

In ending his post, the man emphasised that "racism has more to do with a person's poor character than race."

Netizens flooded the comments section of the post applauding the Malaysian spirit shown by the kind-hearted passengers

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Some Facebook users also shared their heartwarming experiences with non-Muslims during the holy month.

"I was a waiter for a hotel before, and once during Ramadan a Chinese uncle told me to go and break fast before serving them food," he wrote.

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