Malaysian Guy Fined RM100 By KL Mall For Parking In A Spot With A Small OKU Sign

The spot was not painted in blue nor did it have the persons with disabilities (OKU) logo.

Cover image via Bryan Chin (Facebook)

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A Malaysian man was fined RM100 for parking in a spot designated for persons with disabilities (OKU), which he claimed was unfair because the signage was too small

In a Facebook post published last weekend, Bryan Chin said he went to a mall in Kuala Lumpur for a meeting and he managed to find parking without needing to drive up multiple floors.

When he wanted to leave the mall, he found that his vehicle was clamped.

"Now honestly, I want all of you reading this to look at [these] pictures without zooming in. Can you see any OKU/disabled parking signage?" Chin said.

In the photos Chin uploaded, the parking spot is not painted in blue with the OKU logo. The sign, however, can be found on a pillar.

"This is the same pillar. But it says autopay here," Chin told SAYS when contacted, showing a photo of the parking spot from another angle

Upset by the clamp, he went to speak to the management of the mall.

"When I [reached] there, I told my story to the kakak working there. Immediately, she told me to wait, and [called] her colleague. Over the phone she told her colleague in [Bahasa Melayu] and I'm paraphrasing here: 'You clamped his car, please come and deal with this'," Chin wrote in his Facebook post.

"So I waited for him to come, [about] five to 10 minutes, he still [didn't] show up. So I took the number from the kakak to call the colleague. After talking for awhile, he told me that it was orders from his boss who [wasn't] working on that day."

"So I continued to argue with him, I told him that if I knowingly did something wrong, I would gladly pay the RM100 fine."

"(But) the problem is the OKU sign is so damn small. [It looks] like they purposely tried to scam me."

After some back and forth, Chin was given a 50% discount on his RM100 fine, which he thinks is an admittance of unfairness

"Here's the thing that gets me the most la, if you offering (sic) me a discount, (it) means that you kinda agree that I'm right la, isn't it?" he said.

Chin paid RM50 in the end, as he was late for another meeting.

But before he left, he asked the kakak whether a lot of shoppers were fined for the same reason because they could not see the OKU sign. Chin said she did not dare answer him, so she just smiled.

He ended the post by pleading with everyone not to scam others for money even though the times are tough.

"I pun susah tau (I am struggling too, you know). I don't think it takes a lot of money to paint a huge OKU sign on the parking bay, right? Or just put a bigger OKU signage on both sides of the pillars," he related.

Speaking to SAYS, Chin stressed that the incident made him feel like he was scammed, but he is not claiming that the employees at the mall deliberately scammed him.

SAYS has reached out to the mall in Kuala Lumpur for a statement, but has yet to receive a response at the time of publishing.

At the time of writing, Chin's post has gone viral with over 1,900 likes and shares respectively

There are over 600 comments in the post. Many netizens were supportive of Chin, as they could not see the OKU sign from the photos.

"Omg, the sign is on the pillar, facing the back of the car. Who will notice this? Totally agree to call this [a] scam," read a comment.

"I look twice in your photos carefully before I can even notice the OKU sign," said another Facebook user.

"Am I the only one who come to the comments to figure where's the sign?" asked a person.

One netizen tagged SAYS in their comment and said the post is a game to find the OKU sign.

Image via Facebook

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