PDRM Is Investigating The Use Of Horses & Helicopter During A Funeral Procession In Ipoh

The helicopter was flying extremely low and showered flower petals throughout the procession.

Cover image via Twitter

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On Saturday, 27 November, a funeral procession was carried out that involved a helicopter and individuals on horses in Ipoh town

Videos showing the procession were uploaded and shared on social media.

One of the videos showed the helicopter flying extremely low and scattering flower petals throughout the procession that had vehicles decorated with flowers and a few individuals on horses.

It is said that the deceased was the owner of the oldest Indian traditional costume shop in Ipoh.

Image via Twitter

The procession has run into trouble after a police report was lodged

According to Perak police chief Mior Faridalathrash Wahid, investigations were carried out to determine if there was any breach of regulations, including whether a permit had been obtained by the organiser.

"Processions or parades are not allowed according to the standard operating procedures set by the National Security Council (MKN), especially funeral processions," he was quoted as saying.

Appropriate action is to be taken based on the report

Speaking during a press conference at the launch of the Perak Police Contingent's Special Crime Prevention Operation yesterday, Mior Faridalathrash said that the police will also check whether the organiser had received a green light from the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia for the low flight path.

Image via Twitter

Footage of the incident can be found below:

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