Firemen Rescue Giant Sea Turtle Caught In Rubbish Trap At Port Dickson

The turtle was unable to move as it was trapped between two bars in the rubbish trap.

Cover image via Fire and Rescue Department

Firemen rescued a 150kg sea turtle caught in a rubbish trap in Port Dickson on Tuesday, 16 July

State Fire and Rescue Department deputy operations director Ahmad Mukhlis Mokhtar said seven firemen rushed to the scene upon receiving a call around 11.46am.

According to the New Straits Times, upon arrival, they found that the turtle was three feet by two-and-a-half feet in size and was unable to move as it was trapped between two bars in the rubbish trap.

The firemen were subsequently lowered by rope into the water to free the turtle

The firemen covered the turtle in a plastic sheet and then hoisted it to dry ground, The Star reported.

The whole operation took about 30 minutes.

The turtle is believed to be a hawksbill, also known as Eretmochelys imbricata

The firemen also did checks on the turtle and deemed it uninjured. It was later released back it into the sea.

Hawksbill turtles are listed as protected under Schedule 1 of the 1997 Wildlife Conservation Enactment in Sabah

According to SeeTurtles, they are usually found in tropical waters and are known for their narrow head and sharp, bird-like beak.

Image via WWF

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