Study Finds Malaysian Influencers Are Not As Influential Opposed To Indonesia And Thailand

The InfluencerDB study found Malaysian influencers had one of the lowest audience quality benchmarks at only 31.2%.

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A study by influencer marketing and management platform InfluencerDB has found that overall engagement with Malaysian influencers has seen a sharp decline

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The 'Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report 2019' is an annual report that compiles statistics and insights on influencer marketing.

Engagement has seen a decline of 1.5% to 3.5% across all verticals (i.e. travel, beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle, and sports and fitness) when compared to stats in 2018.

InfluencerDB used Instagram for its report, and tracked three different benchmarks:
- average Audience Quality Grade,
- average Like Follower Ratio, and
- average engagement rates for sponsored and non-sponsored posts.

The study found that Malaysia had one of the lowest audience quality benchmarks among the countries studied, including Indonesia and Thailand

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Essentially, most followers of Malaysian influencers consist of inactive Instagram users, fake accounts, and those who follow more channels than they can consume.

Malaysia scored 31.2% on average. In comparison, Brazil - which was singled out in the report as the origin of a majority of fake accounts - scored 25.9%.

Influencers in Germany and France came out on top with an audience quality of 67.2% and 66.4% respectively.

Meanwhile, the report also found that although overall engagement with influencers has decreased, users are more likely to respond to travel-based posts

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"This may indicate a slow saturation of the market but also emphasises the significance to understand all important metrics," the report notes.

"Marketers who can juggle the numbers and see the bigger picture know how to choose the right partner for collaborations."

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