Fishermen In A Netflix Show About 1MDB Draw Criticism For Saying "Najib Can Steal Money"

The documentary premiered on Netflix yesterday, 11 March.

Cover image via Dirty Money/Netflix

The second season of Dirty Money featuring former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak dropped on Netflix yesterday, 11 March

In the 57-minute-long episode titled The Man At The Top, the documentary unveils how Najib and fugitive financier Jho Low are connected to the 1MDB scandal, a financial shenanigan so big that the US Attorney General described as the case as "kleptocracy at its worst". 

Other than having a rare sit-down interview with Najib himself, it also features many critics of the scandal, such as former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, PKR president Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim, whistleblower Xavier Andre Justo, and Sarawak Report founder Clare Rewcastle Brown, among others.

The documentary also features some villagers from rural parts of the country

41 minutes into the documentary, following a cut after Dr Mahathir accuses Najib of buying support by offering monetary handouts, the showrunners interviewed a group of fishermen in a poor neighbourhood in Malaysia.

In an agitated voice, one fisherman says, "Najib used to give us RM300. Now, Mahathir gives us less."

Though Najib takes money from others, from the country, he gives it to the people.
A Malaysian fisherman

"He takes care of the people. It's okay if he takes the country's money. Who doesn't steal? What prime minister doesn't steal?"

The same rhetoric also is echoed by other villagers, saying that under Najib's regime, fishermen were able to get boats, engines, and dedicated schools for children of fishermen.

Many Malaysians have since taken to Twitter to express their disgust over what some of the villagers have said in the show

This is one of many scenes netizens highlighted on Twitter, with one netizen frustratingly noting it as a "goddamn problem".

Another Twitter user also highlighted the same part of the documentary, saying "Some fishermen even think Najib is great even though he stole so much of money."

Other than that, some Twitter users also cheekily warned that the documentary is not for Barisan Nasional supporters and those who hail Najib as 'bossku'

"Do not watch if you love BN, Najib Razak, or love the quote 'Malu apa bossku'," wrote a netizen.

"I'm watching Dirty Money season 2 episode 2 (Netflix) about Najib. After just a few seconds in the episode, I'm filled with anger and disgust," another person said.

"How this man was able to blatantly LIE to the public, the people that he's suppose to have his best interest in, is beyond me (sic)."

One netizen advised Malaysians to watch the episode quick before the Film Censorship Board (LPF) decides to ban the show

The Twitter user said, "57 minutes of Netflix on Najib and 1MDB. Watch this quick, before the new government takes it down, and blames it on 'tEchNicaL diFfiCulTieS' and 'cOpYriGhT viOLaTioNs'."

The documentary is believed to be filmed in early 2019 before Najib's corruption trials began

It is revealed at the 43-minute mark that Najib says he will be attending his trial in the coming two weeks.

The documentary also labelled Dr Mahathir as the Prime Minister. However, the Pakatan Harapan government collapsed on 24 February, with a new coalition forming a government under a new Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, earlier this month.

The episode sums up the struggles of the opposition trying to bring down Najib and interviews over a dozen of people close to the 1MDB scandal, including Goldman Sachs former executive director Alex Turnbull, High Court attorney David Gurupatham, The Edge Media chief executive officer Ho Kay Tat, and many more.

It definitely unfolds some unheard stories about the scandal. You can watch it here.

In June last year, Najib was featured in an episode of Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj on Netflix:

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