Fitness Models Get Called Out For Washing Butt With Holy Water At Sacred Balinese Temple

"Not knowing is not a valid excuse to disrespect a religion."

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Two fitness models from Czech Republic have received backlash for recording themselves using holy water from a Balinese temple to wash one of their private parts

Sabina Dolezalova and Zdenek Slouka were visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud, Indonesia recently when they came across a fountain.

In a video uploaded on Sabina's Instagram story, she can be seen hiking up her skirt and bending over while her boyfriend splashed holy water from the shrine on her butt. 

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The couple then burst out in laughter.

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Locals who consider the shrine a "sacred site" called out the couple on social media for disrespecting Balinese culture

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In an Instagram post, designer Niluh Djelantik said, "Bali will drown if we can't protect ourselves and be selective with the types of tourists that visit the island."

Dr Arya Wedakarna, a senator from Bali, revealed that he plans to summon the pair for their actions.

According to Mata Indonesia News, netizens have urged the Bali Immigration Agency to block the two foreigners from leaving Bali until they take responsibility.

On 8 August, the couple uploaded an apology video expressing their regrets on their Instagram accounts, which have since been privatised

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"We are very sorry about yesterday's video. We dishonoured the holy temple and holy water in Ubud, and we didn't know it so we are sorry about that," said Zdenek.

Sabina explained that they did not know the water was holy, and added, "We are truly sorry and we hope you are going to forgive us."

The influencer also apologised to Niluh personally through a direct message on Instagram.

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On the same day, Sabina and Zdenek had a meeting with officials from Padangtegal village in which they produced a joint statement declaring that the matter was taken care of.

However, many Indonesians were dissatisfied with the duo's apology and argued that it was "insincere"

"Being Atheist does not mean you can disrespect others' beliefs. Bali is known as Pulau Dewata (Island of the Gods), so Bali is holy. 'Not knowing' is not a valid excuse to disrespect a religion," a netizen commented on Instagram.

Indonesian musician Jerinx tweeted that, "How convenient, a mere apology on Instagram and everything's fixed. See what happens if we do something similar in their country, the result will be different. Bali has been disrespected too often by tourists."

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