Woman Horrified To See Car Destroyed After Neighbour Tossed Trash From Flat's Top Floor

"If the trash had dropped on someone, you could have killed a person," said the victim.

Cover image via @piqahhhhs_ (TikTok)

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A Malaysian woman's car windscreen was shattered to bits when a selfish neighbour allegedly threw trash from the top floor of an apartment in Taman Seri Damai Batu Lanchang, Penang

The victim, @piqahhhhs_, shared a video on her TikTok account of the aftermath, which shows her car in shambles.

"This happened because of uncivilised, stupid, and lazy residents who threw trash from the top floor. Now I have to deal with the consequences," she said.

She had to pay RM500 to replace the windshield and an additional RM100 to have her vehicle thoroughly cleaned

She tried cleaning her car with her sister before sending it to the workshop, but it was in such bad shape that they couldn't do it themselves.

"When we realised what had happened to my car, I moved it to a different parking spot right away. It was also raining heavily when we learned about the incident, so I had to cover the windshield with plastic before we arrived at the workshop," the woman told SAYS.

Her family reported the incident to the building's management and suggested that they install several closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras around the area for the safety of other residents, but they did not respond to her request

She said that her father did not lodge a police report but was upset with what had happened to his daughter's car.

"For the public, please do not throw your trash from the top floor. Have a sense of awareness and responsibility as you do not live in the building alone. If the trash had dropped on someone, you could have killed a person," she said.

Her video has since gone viral, garnering over 38,800 likes on TikTok and 534 shares, as of writing.

Watch the aftermath of the incident and the condition of the woman's car here:


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