Foreigner Late For His Grab Ride Jumped On Car So The Driver Couldn't Leave Him

The driver had waited 5 minutes for the GrabShare passenger.

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A foreigner in Manila, Philippines was not too happy about Grab's new policy for passengers who show up late to their pick-up points

In a video posted by Twitter user @AmberPGonzales on 3 May, a man can be seen attempting to rebel against the ride-hailing company's rules.

Image via Twitter

According to Amber, she and her Grab driver had waited five minutes for another passenger as it was a GrabShare ride

They were parked at the passenger's pick up point, EDSA cor. Domingo M. Guevarra St. in Mandaluyong City.

After waiting longer than the required three minutes, the driver cancelled the ride on the Grab app.

It turned out, however, that the passenger was a mere 500 meters away

The man, wearing a white shirt and sunglasses, was angered to see his driver leaving him.

"He chased us and tried to get in the vehicle. We locked all the doors. He was definitely pissed," the Twitter user wrote.

In a dramatic show of protest, the foreigner hopped on the car's hood

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After sitting on the hood for several seconds, the man moved one of his hands as if to dare the driver to keep driving.

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"He was desperate to get in," Amber said.

When the driver tried to explain the new Grab policy for cancellations and no-shows, the man refused to listen

"We were already causing traffic, so [the] driver tried to move, but this self-entitled man sat on the hood again!" Amber wrote.

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When the car kept moving, the man hopped off.

She added that, "He eventually gave up, but managed to hit the car!"

Image via Twitter

Amber revealed that the Grab driver was calm throughout the incident as no one was harmed

"Thanks Kuya Amor for keeping us safe," she tweeted.

"The male passenger was apparently on his way to the Philippines Immigration, perhaps to renew his visa? I hope he got there safe," she added.

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