Grab Is Charging Passengers RM3 To RM5 For Cancelling Rides From 25 March Onwards

The ride-hailing company is also charging a penalty for passengers who do not show up to their pick-up points after five minutes.

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From 25 March onwards, Grab Malaysia will start charging cancellation fees on passengers who cancel or do not show up at the pick-up point after a certain amount of time

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According to The Star, the ride-hailing company notes that passengers who cancel their ride five minutes after getting a driver will be charged a RM3 to RM5 penalty

The exact fee amount is based on the type of vehicle or service that a passenger has booked for. For example: 

Do note that passengers will not be charged a cancellation fee if they cancel within five minutes of booking a driver.

Grab will also be charging no-show passengers a RM5 penalty when a driver cancels a ride after waiting at the pick-up point for more than five minutes

According to the updated Cancellation Policy, Grab drivers are required to wait for five minutes (or three minutes if it's a GrabShare ride) before they are entitled to charge a cancellation fee.

The cancellation fees will be deducted directly from passengers' GrabPay credits or credit/debit card, while passengers paying by cash will have the fee automatically added to their next ride fare.

However, Grab assures passengers that the cancellation fee will not apply if a driver does not arrive within 10 minutes after the initial estimated time of arrival

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For example, if a passenger is allocated a driver who is three minutes away but has waited for more than 13 minutes, the passenger will not be charged a cancellation fee.

The Star reports that the ride-hailing company has measures in place to detect if a driver is not moving towards a pick-up point. Customers are also encouraged to contact the driver or GrabChat if they wish to cancel a ride after waiting for too long.

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The cancellation fee policy will also be implemented for Grab Singapore:

Back in Malaysia, Grab has been rolling out some new features and promos in the past few months:

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