You Don't Need A Significant Other To Take Cute Pictures This Valentine's Day

All you need are flexible limbs and a little bit of nail polish. ;)

Cover image via เรน ทหารม้าโยโกฮาม่า Facebook

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and that means all your friends are gonna be posting sweet, mushy photos of them with their significant others on that special day because... #relationshipgoals

Image via Pinterest

So, what's a single guy gotta do when his bros are away doing their thing on V-Day? Don't you worry, we found a guy who's got some clever tricks to convince your friends that you too have somebody to love.

Yup, that's the iconic "Follow Me To" hand-holding pose, recreated with strategic camera angling and a solid sense of balance.

The following collection of photo tricks were posted by Thai online personality Rain Yokohama just a few days ago. The amusing album has since gone viral, with over 203,000 shares at the time of writing!

With some creative contortion of limbs and a little bit of nail polish, capturing intimate Insta-worthy moments with your "girlfriend" is definitely more than just imaginary

Aww... isn't this cute? *heart eyes*

If you're one of those artsy photography types, check out this impressive shadow play!

If all else fails because your limbs are not that flexible, you can always give the long distance relationship route to explain your GF's "absence"

How are you spending Valentine's Day this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

Celebrating Valentine's Day with your special someone does not have to dry up your wallet:

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