Former Miss Universe Malaysia Says That She Will Never Wear A 'F*cking Diaper' On Her Face

Samantha Katie James revealed that she is against wearing face masks in public and previously claimed that polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests are a lie.

Cover image via Indian and World Pageant & @samanthakayty (Instagram)

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Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 Samantha Katie James has landed in controversy once again.

This time, she revealed that she is against wearing face masks in public amid a pandemic.

On Monday, 23 August, the beauty queen posted a photo of herself and her friend, who is a yoga instructor and a clinical hypnotherapist in training.

In the caption, she mocked those who wear face masks and claimed that they were spreading "light and sovereignty" while going maskless.

The photo garnered over 765 likes and comments on the post have been limited.

She said, "I will never wear that f*cking diaper on my face unless of course, I use it to be undercover around annoying people"

She also noted how she was attracted to a man who walked past her and took off his mask.

"I saw a guy walk [past] me pull his mask off and crunch it in his hand! That's my man, love you whoever you were, that was hot. Turn on!" she wrote. 

Her post caught the attention of local media outlets and after the issue was reported by New Straits Times, James responded to netizens' backlash.

She claimed that commenters were jealous of her and besides that, she wrote, "Keep reporting, I keep posting, post everywhere post in my private profile even. You think you can shut me up? Not anymore."

Previously, she also took to Instagram to spread the idea that COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests are a lie

Earlier in July, before her posts and Instagram Stories were taken down, she wrote, "If there's no PCR tests, there's no cases. Hence, there's no need for lockdowns. *ssholes f*cking with us."

James is known for wearing a nasi lemak dress in the international beauty pageant four years ago:

She was also criticised in the past for her insensitive comments on the #BlackLivesMatter protests: