Former Students Of A Klang All-Girls School Share Cases Of Alleged Bullying By Teachers

The issue came about after the school was featured in an anti-bullying campaign.

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Former students of an all-girls school in Klang are stepping forward to share their experiences of alleged bullying by teachers in the school

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The issue came to light after the school was highlighted in a promotional video for an anti-bullying campaign.

The video attracted the attention of former students, who left comments under the video of their own personal experiences of bullying and mistreatment by teachers

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

One student claimed that teachers would "manipulate [other] students to hate their unfavourite (sic) student" and shared an incident where the teachers had refused to call an ambulance to assist them, even when their shoe was "drenched in blood".

"Finally my parents came to rescue after an hour. Teachers have the guts to say 'padan muka' right at my face when I was leaving the office," the student added.

Image via Facebook

A former student also stepped up to share her own personal experience at the school in a separate post

The former student, who shall be named as "Jolene", first shared her experience on her personal Instagram account. It was later posted to her Facebook account.

"So I want to share something that I've never really thought of sharing but feel like I should. Because I can't stand hypocrisy," Jolene wrote.

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In subsequent photos, Jolene wrote, "[F]or those of you who don't know, I'm from this school [...]. But something just wasn't right about featuring my high school in a campaign that I feel they do not suit AT ALL! And apparently I wasn't the only one who thought so."

Besides being called too fat and 'selamba' by a teacher who was interviewing her to be a prefect, Jolene shared that a discipline teacher had also "interrupted the entire class just to come" and tell her off for having "too big" earrings. 

This is the pair of earrings in question:

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"Did you know how it must have felt for a 17-year-old girl to be called in the middle of the class for something so petty?"

Since sharing her own experience, Jolene told SAYS that approximately 28 different students have come forward to share their stories with her

Some students claimed that teachers kicked them or embarrassed them publicly for allegedly breaking school rules.

In a particularly serious incident, students were laughed at after reporting about a public flasher.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

"A lot [of former students] are still afraid to speak up because they need to go back to the school and some are still currently studying so they are scared to come forward to tell their experience because they are afraid that they will be targeted," Jolene told SAYS.

Jolene added that her post was not meant to attack the school, but rather to make the teachers "aware of what they say and do to students"

"I don't intend on trashing the school's name. [This] is honestly a good school with very good facilities," Jolene said in her post.

"Also, I am not saying all the teachers in [this school] are like this; just a handful of them. All I hope is for teachers to be more aware of what they say and do to students, because a lot of the things they do affect these girls to the point where they're traumatised every time they think back to their days in school," she explained.

"And this is not okay. We cannot support this culture of bullying by authoritative figures."

SAYS has reached out to the school for comment. This article will be updated when a response has been received.

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