4 Singaporeans Had To Turn Back After JB Immigration Stamped Their Passports Wrongly

4 June 2018 became 20 Feb 2018.

Cover image via Nabilah Belladona/The Straits Times (edited)

Passports belonging to a Singaporean family were wrongly stamped at the immigration checkpoint in Johor Bahru, according to a viral post that has been circulating on Facebook

In the post, Singaporean Nabilah Belladonna shared her family's experience with wrongly stamped passports when they were crossing back into Singapore after a trip to Johor Bahru. 

At the time of writing, the post has garnered over 3,500 shares. 

Nabilah and her family were driving back to Singapore when the officer stamped the date 20 Feb 2018 on all of their passports

Based on the image above, Nabilah and her family had entered Malaysia on 3 June 2018. Her post indicated that she had left the country on 4 June 2018.

However, the Malaysian immigration officer stamped the passports with 20 February 2018, almost four months before the actual departure date. 

The family only noticed the error after they left the immigration gantry. Nabilah added that they were "unable to make a stop" as it would "cause a jam at the back".

After entering Singapore, they immediately told a Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officer about the error. 

The ICA officer informed them that they had to go back to JB immigration counters to have the dates amended. 

After crossing back to Malaysian soil, they queued up again at the immigration counter and got the dates amended – which were written manually with a pen to reflect the correct 4 June 2018 date

Nabilah noted that she wanted to create awareness through the post for Singaporeans to always check their passports. 

You can read the full post here:

A reminder to always check your passport, particularly the immigration stamp, every time you enter and exit a country!

This is not the first time JB immigration officers has made mistakes over wrong date stamps:

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