"Freaking Fungus In Your Cake!" – M'sian Calls Out Coffee Store For Serving Mouldy Dessert

ZUS Coffee has since apologised to the customer and said actions will be taken to improve their food safety.

Cover image via @ayividinihsrad (Twitter)

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A Malaysian woman's tweet has gone viral for calling out a coffee store that served her a slice of cake that had gone bad

In a Twitter thread dated last Friday, 8 April, Diviya D shared two photos showing a mouldy cake that she said she bought from ZUS Coffee.

"ZUS Coffee, you done f--ked up this time! I'm a regular customer and today I just lost it," she tweeted.

"Bought your Soya Cincau Cream Cake, and when I first ate it, it tasted really sour and I thought that was how it was supposed to taste."

"And halfway I see mould in the cake? I'm not one to simply complain but this is so unacceptable. Freaking fungus in your cake!" Diviya exclaimed.

The photos show a moss green patch at the centre of the half-eaten cake

Diviya said eating the cake could spell a disaster for her as not only has she just recovered from COVID-19, but she also suffers from Crohn's disease.

"[So] my digestive system is extremely sensitive. On top of that, my immunity is very low because I take medication for my disease. This puts me at very high risk of food poisoning," she lamented.

She demanded that the company take responsibility for the matter, adding that if she went down with food poisoning, she would file a legal suit against them.

A day after the incident, the coffee company with over 75 outlets in Malaysia offered Diviya a free drink, which she accepted, but she felt that the compensation was not enough for the severity of the case.

"I have no intention to attempt to bring down any company but this is definitely where I draw the line. I hope ZUS Coffee will take everyone's complaint seriously," she tweeted on 9 April.

Her Twitter thread has since garnered over 7,500 likes and 5,800 retweets.

Diviya said she bought the cake from the ZUS Coffee outlet in Palm Mall, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Image via Angelababy Fishbaby (Google Maps)

After the issue went viral, ZUS Coffee released a statement to apologise to Diviya yesterday, 11 April

"[We] are deeply sorry and regret that the Soya Cincau Cream Cake incident has arisen on 8 April 2022 to a customer of ours who received and consumed [it] that appeared to be mouldy," the coffee joint said.

"Upon receiving [the] news, we recalled all Soya Cincau Cream Cakes and off-boarded the product nationwide to prevent similar cases."

The statement mentioned that they have fulfilled the customer's request for "free drinks for a period of time", which Diviya said is for a period of 30 days.

The company will also be offering medical compensation as they acknowledged that the customer has a health condition.

ZUS Coffee promised to improve their food safety protocols, including the introduction of strict action plans to their on-ground staff, as well as their vendors and suppliers.

Speaking to SAYS today, 12 April, Diviya said she is feeling fine as of now

"I am more worried about the long-term effects, so I'm monitoring my health every day to see if there is anything abnormal happening to my body as a result of accidentally consuming the mouldy cake," she said when contacted.

"I understand in every business mistakes can happen. It is inevitable. I hope ZUS Coffee takes this as an opportunity to improve their quality control."

"I also urge the public to always raise their concerns when something is wrong with the product or service they had paid for. This is the only way companies can work on improving."

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