A Friendly Motorcycle Gang Donated RM25K To A Kelantanese Dad With Special Needs Kids

Nearly 250 gang members rode together to the single father's home to present him the gift.

Cover image via Aresif Pok Are/Facebook

A group of kind-hearted Malaysian motorcyclists have gone out of their way to help out a single father and his special needs children in Kelantan

In a Facebook post, Geng Motorsport member Aresif Pok Are shared how the group collected a total of RM25,140 to be donated to Mohd Zain Abdullah, who has three children with cerebral palsy.

The Kelantanese father of seven gave up his job to look after them after his wife passed away from breast cancer in 2016

According to Berita Harian, when Mohd Zain returned to work, he had to take up a job near his house as a carpenter because he needed to frequently go back home to attend to his children's needs.

His other children often help him take care of their younger siblings, especially with everyday tasks such as bathing and eating.

The family's story of hardship caught the attention of Geng Motorsport after it became viral news on social media

Furthermore, after a relative of Mohd Zain sent out a WhatsApp message asking for help to buy diapers, food, medication, and a wheelchair, the group decided to rise up to the occasion.

Last Friday, 8 November, 250 gang members from multiple motorcycle clubs in Kelantan and Terengganu not only gathered the donations but also got together to ride to Mohd Zain's residence in Kampung Kok Keli to present him the gift.

"The struggles faced by Mohd Zain truly touched our hearts. We pray that he remains strong and always under God's care," Aresif wrote in the post.

According to KitaReporters, a spokesperson of the group, Ardy Datok Agos, added that it was the biggest donation the group has ever collected, even though they usually have a savings box to distribute money to members in need.

They even arranged RM5,000 of cash into a bouquet.

Image via Aresif Pok Are/Facebook

Made up of members between 20 and 40 years of age, Geng Motorsport hopes to teach youths the importance of road safety

According to Malay Mail, the group hopes to guide them towards a productive future by mentoring younger riders and giving them business opportunities.

"Mentors consisting of experienced riders will also teach the younger ones about road safety and advise them not to get involved with illegal racing that will inconvenience other parties," said Ardy.

Aresif's Facebook post about the donation has been shared over 450 times and liked more than 2,200 times

Netizens poured in to give Geng Motorsport a pat on the back for making a positive impact on their community.

"Praise be to God, you guys are the best," said many of them.

While this user said, "Praise to the motor world. Good deeds like these should be an example to all young motorcyclists. Don't just have an expensive hobby, but also have good morals. Good job."

Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq also has the same goal in mind regarding the 'basikal lajak' community:

Earlier this year, a biker gang in New Zealand vowed to protect the Muslim community after a terrorist attack:

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