Gamer Paralysed From Waist Down After Playing Game For 20 Hours Straight

People, please take care of your health!

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A man in China lost sensation from the waist down after allegedly playing video games continuously for some 20 hours last week

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The man was reportedly playing video games at a cybercafe in Jiaxing, Zhejiang from the evening of 27 January until the afternoon of 28 January.

According to Chinese news site, the man only realised he could not move his lower limbs when he wanted to take a toilet break

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One of his friends who was at the scene said, “It seems he had lost sensation completely, and couldn't move at all. We had to call for an ambulance."

When the ambulance arrived, the medical staff quickly put him on the stretcher and prepared to send him to the hospital. However, he was still reluctant to abandon the game and begged his friends to finish the game for him.

It remains unclear what game the man had been playing. Neither do we know if his friend actually finished the game for him.

A video of the incident shows the man’s friend and paramedics working together to move the paralysed man from a chair to a stretcher

As noted by Daily Mail, video game addiction has become a social issue among the youths in China

An alarming number of young people are choosing to play online games, mobile games, or surf the web instead of prioritising their studies or even family.

Many parents would turn to 'digital detox' rehab camps as a last resort to curb their children's addiction to the digital world. Rehab can take from three to six months or even longer if the youth does not react positively to treatment.

China was the first country to declare 'internet addiction' as a clinical disorder in 2008.

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