Air Stewardess On KL-Jakarta Flight Goes Barefoot To Piggyback Elderly Passenger

A true act of selflessness!

Cover image via Farchan Noor Rachman/@efenerr

The first week of 2017 couldn't end on a better note than with this heartwarming image of a flight attendant carrying an elderly passenger on her back

Moments after the plane touched down in Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, Indonesia on Saturday, 7 January, the world witnessed yet another amazing moment in the history of commercial airline servicing.

A flight attendant who was on duty during the Garuda Indonesia's GA821 Kuala Lumpur-Jakarta flight was photographed while she was piggybacking a passenger out of the aircraft.

The photo has been circulating on social media for the past few days as netizens, particularly those from Indonesia and Malaysia, were all praise for the flight attendant who displayed such a selfless and humbling act.

The flight attendant was identified as 'Vera'

According to media reports, Vera had decided to take matters into her own hands after she realised that the passenger in question needed a wheelchair but there was none at that moment.

The young flight attendant noticed that all passengers had disembarked from the aircraft except the elderly passenger who was seated on seat 41C and another passenger, a relative who was accompanying her.

Garuda Indonesia VP Corporate Communication Benny Siga Butarbutar reportedly said that Vera approached the woman "without thinking twice".

This was when she found out that the passenger was a member of the umrah group (pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia) and was on course for a connecting flight.

Unfortunately, the wheelchair did not come even after they had waited for a while.

It did not take long before Vera offered her assistance

It was reported that Vera and Flight Service Manager (FSM) Ninik Septinawat both approached the woman so that she can immediately get off the plane.

"Vera then took the liberty of carrying the woman on the back through the exit door at the back of the plane," Benny said.

Not only did she took it upon herself to ensure that the passengers will not miss the connecting flight by going out of her way to piggyback a passenger but she also - if some of you might have noticed - went barefoot during the incident!

Thankfully, everything went on well after that as the elderly woman reportedly went on to catch her subsequent flight without any issues

Garuda Indonesia VP Corporate Communication Benny Siga Butarbutar

Image via Perhumas

Benny praised both Vera and Ninik for displaying Garuda Indonesia's professional service standards and said that the rest of Garuda’s crew should follow their example and continue to provide the best service to passengers.

"What Vera did is a proof and reflection of our professionalism," he was quoted as saying by Indonesian media Tempo.

Well done, Vera!

Image via Giphy

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