UMNO Subang Confirms That Viral 'GE14 In 178 Days' Photo Is Real

The photo was spotted at an UMNO division office.

Cover image via Malaysiakini/WhatsApp

A photo suggesting that the 14th general elections is only 178 days away has been widely circulated online. The image is believed to be from a signboard at an UMNO division office in Subang.

According to Malaysiakini, the picture that reads, 'PRU 14 Lagi 178 Hari' (GE14 178 days away) has been circulating on WhatsApp, causing people to speculate on when exactly the 14th general elections will be held.

While the Subang UMNO division secretary has confirmed that the photo is real, the division's chief, Zein Isma Ismail, stressed that the date for GE14 is yet to be determined

Subang UMNO division chief Zein Isma Ismail

Image via Malaysia Gazette

Speaking to Malaysiakini, Zein said that the GE14 deadline in their office is supposed to serve as a reminder for the grassroots to get ready for the much awaited elections. He also mentioned that they do not know when the next elections will be called.

"The notice 'GE14 178 days away' is based on our own deadline to ensure that all UMNO divisions are prepared," explained Zein, as reported by Malaysiakini yesterday, 25 January.

If the elections are indeed according to the deadline in the UMNO division photo, it will fall on 30 June, just days after the Hari Raya Aidilfitri which is supposed to be on 26 June.

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Speculations about when the next general elections will be held has been raging since last year. In late September 2016, there were plenty of talk on how GE14 may be held as early as March this year, sending a flurry of Malaysians rushing to register as voters:

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