#GE15: OKU Stopped From Filing His Nomination Papers After Arriving 2 Minutes Late

A 53-year-old partially blind man was denied entry to submit his name as an independent candidate to contest the Titiwangsa parliamentary seat, which is seeing a four-cornered fight in the 15th General Election.

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A 53-year-old partially blind man was denied from submitting his name as an independent candidate for the Titiwangsa parliamentary seat

Habib Bourguiba Abd Hamid, who is a person with disabilities (OKU), missed the deadline to file his nomination papers by two minutes as Titiwangsa parliamentary election officer Firdzaus Said had already made the announcement for the closing of nominations at 10am today, 5 November, reported The Star.

Firdzaus explained that if he allowed Habib Bourguiba to enter after the closing of the nominations, he would get in legal trouble as the returning officer, reported New Straits Times.

"This is a matter of law and there will be serious consequences if I breach it," he was quoted as saying.

Habib Bourguiba, however, insisted that it should be the returning officer's discretion to allow him to do so, adding that he was already in the area when the closing announcement was made.

"My intention is only to contest as an Independent and fight for the disabled and orphans. If I cannot (submit my papers), I will lodge a protest," he told reporters outside the nomination centre.

Photo shows Habib Bourguiba speaking with returning officer Firdzaus Said outside the nomination centre.

Image via Aswadi Alias/New Straits Times

Habib Bourguiba explained that while he left the house at 8.50am, he was unable to arrive on time due to road closures and traffic condition

"I arrived late because there were multiple road closures on my way here from Kampung Datuk Keramat. I left at 8.50am," the retiree said, adding that he had to go round and round to find the way to the centre.

According to the 53-year-old, he arrived at the centre at around 9.55am. However, as he was walking towards the nomination centre's gate, the returning officer announced that the nominations are now closed.

While Firdzaus explained that he cannot bend the rules for him, Habib Bourguiba remained unsatisfied and said that he will appeal

"We will see the power of Allah," he was quoted as saying before leaving the venue.

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Titiwangsa will see a four-cornered fight:

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