Bad Brakes, Bad Road, Bad Driving Behind The Deadly Genting Bus Crash, Says Govt.

Malaysia's transport minister has released a report, detailing the causes of a deadly bus crash that killed 37 people at Genting Highlands in August. The report put the tragedy down to a combination of factors.

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License Of Bus Company Involved In Genting Crash That Killed 37 Suspended

The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) today announced the suspension of the licence of the company which operated the bus that was involved in an accident in Genting Highlands that killed 37 people in August. The suspension is effective November 25.

"A notice on the matter was sent Monday and the company has been given seven days from the date of the notice to inform passengers of the suspension of service.

Acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said SPAD was also seeking an alternative to replace the company which plied the route.

"They (SPAD) met the Genting Berhad management today. I've suggested that Genting Berhad take over the transport system as Jalan Genting Highlands is categorised as a private road," he told reporters at the Parliament lobby, here today.

"As an alternative, Resorts World Tour Sdn Bhd will provide an express bus service from Pudu Sentral, KL Sentral and the Putra LRT Station in Gombak to Genting Highlands," it said.

"So they (Genting Berhad) will be fully responsible for the safety and running of the company which transports people to and from Genting Highlands," he said.

Government report blames speeding, bad brakes for bus crash in Genting Highland

Malaysia's transport minister has released a report, detailing the causes of a deadly bus crash that killed 37 people and injured 16 others at Genting Highlands in August. The report put the tragedy down to a combination of factors.

Filepix shows the bus being hoisted out of the ravine

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The findings of the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) which was disclosed by Acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein at a media conference here Friday, found that the bus was driven at a speed of more than 50 km/hour which was among the reasons for the accident.

He said the outcome of the analysis and reconstruction of the accident by MIROS found that the bus was driven at high speed while travelling down the winding road and went out of control and hit the 'rubble wall' before crashing on a big boulder in the ravine.

The bus accident near Genting Highlands on August 21 was the worst ever in Malaysia in terms of lives lost. The official report on the accident was released today by the Transport ministry.

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"Six brake marks were found at the location of the accident and at the fifth brake mark, there were graze marks under the bus when the tyre burst before the bus hit the rubble wall at a speed of 61.2 km/hour," he said.

Hishammuddin, who is also the Defence Minister, said other factors that contributed to the accident were the fact that the brakes were not functioning efficiently and the location of the Truck Escape Ramp (TER) was hidden by the road geometry which made it difficult for the driver to use the TER to avoid from falling down the ravine.

Hishammuddin said the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) would take action against the bus operator.

"I've asked them to look into the possibility of taking action not only against the company but also individuals, such as the directors or those responsible, to make sure that all guarantees regarding regulations and laws are complied with," he said.

File photo: Malaysian rescuers attend to the bodies of bus passengers killed in an accident near Genting Highlands, on August 21, 2013. (AFP/Mohd Rasfan)

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The actions, including a possible shutdown of Genting Highlands Transport Sdn Bhd, would be taken within two months, he said.

He said the Transport Ministry will recommend amendments to the law by the end of the year if action against the operator was not deemed as enough.

Hishammuddin added that if the operations of the bus company was to shut down, Genting Highlands Resort would need to provide alternative transport services for those travelling to and from the resort.

Police have determined the cause of last month’s horrific bus crash in Genting Highlands

Police have determined the cause of last month’s horrific bus crash in Genting Highlands but will wait for hospital and pathologist results and reports from other authorities before making it public

Bentong OCPD Supt Mohd Mansor Mohd Nor said “as far as the police are concerned, we have already drawn our conclusion on what caused the crash based on our forensics but we have to wait for the other reports before saying anything,”

Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein says they do not want those killed to have died in vain

A special working group to look into the Genting Highlands bus tragedy will be announced next week, said acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein yesterday.

He said the working group would advise him after the members received all the reports on the bus tragedy prepared separately by several agencies including the police, Road Transport Department (RTD), Land Public Transport Commission and Malaysia Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros).

"They will report to me without fear or favour, to ensure that whatever we find will be transparent and made clear to the public. "We do not want those killed (in the crash) to have died in vain," he said after launching the Hong Leong Yamaha Lagenda 115Z motorcycle here.

Acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said the committee was not able to determine whether the accident was due to the driver’s fault, the bus structure itself, road conditions, the gradient, brakes or tyres in the preliminary investigation.

Hishammuddin said Miros had presented an animated simulation of the crash to the cabinet last week, highlighting several causes of the tragedy. However, he said, none had proven to be conclusive.

Last unknown victim identified as female Nigerian student

The body of a unknown woman - killed in the Genting Highlands bus crash last Wednesday and kept at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital mortuary - has been identified. She was Eitoya Magdalin, a student from Nigeria.

A hospital spokesman contacted by Bernama said that a few of the victim's friends turned up at the department of forensics and identified the body. "Arrangements are now being made by the authorities to inform the victim's family and next-of-kin to claim the body," he said.

With this identification, all 37 bodies taken to the hospital have been identified. Of the number, seven have yet to be claimed by the next-of-kin.

Meanwhile, the spokesman said that five other victims of the bus crash who were warded at the hospital were in stable condition.

Fire and Rescue Department retrieve the fallen bus

Rescuers retrieve the fallen Genting bus

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Rescuers retrieve the fallen Genting bus

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The twisted body of the ill-fated bus that plunged 60m into a ravine in Genting has finally been extracted by police and the Fire and Rescue Department at 12.45pm on Friday. Mud and large branches fell out of the bus as it was pulled out by a 200 tonne crane.

Petrol could be seen gushing out from its tank as police called on all personnel to move back until the site could be deemed safe. The bus is expected to be taken to Bentong police HQ for investigations after which it will be crushed and destroyed.

Rescuers found two severed legs as they call off search at 11.30 am on 22 August 2013

Rescuers found two severed legs as they call off search at 11.30 am on 22 August 2013.

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Police have called off search and rescue efforts to locate more victims of the bus crash that claimed the lives of 37 passengers.

Search and rescue personnel gently picked up two severed legs as they scoured the ravine where the ill-fated bus landed in their final rounds of operations.

Bits of internal human organ and feet were found not far from the mangled bus body after it fell into a ravine in an accident at KM3.5 of Jalan Genting Highlands. Bentong police chief, Supt Mohd Mansor Mohd Nor said the feet and internal organs might belong to two individuals.

Mohd Mansor said the rescue team also did not expect to find more bodies at the scene today.
“The bus skidded 60 metres into a ravine. Luckily, it was caught in a tree or else it could have fallen further down,” he said.

Six foreigners were killed in the crash

At least six foreigners were among 37 people killed when a bus crashed in Malaysia's worst-ever road accident, officials confirmed on Thursday as reports said the vehicle was overloaded and had a history of citations.

According to the Health Ministry and police, the dead include 14 Malaysians, two Indians, a Korean, a Nepalese, and two Bangladeshis. One of the Bangladeshis also held a Canadian passport.

Survivor story 4: "I asked the man next to me to help me as my leg was broken, but he couldn't because his leg was also broken"

Tragedi Genting: Trauma Terpaksa Merangkak, Panjat Atas Mayat Untuk Keluar Dari Bas

Nur Maizatul Syazana Ahmad Sharuddin, 23, said before the bus plunged into the ravine the driver had pulled over and went out for three minutes to check the engine before he resumed the journey.

Survivor story 4: "I asked the man next to me to help me as my leg was broken, but he couldn't because his leg was also broken"

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"It was then that I heard a loud sound coming from the front of the bus but the driver continued to drive. The bus went out of control and tried to avoid several cars and buses. I noticed it hit two or three cars before reaching a bend and plunging into the ravine,"

"I remember the total panic and fear, of everyone screaming. And I don't understand how a bus can carry that many passengers with some willing to stand or sit by the door," she said, adding her friend was being treated at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

"It was horrible, I saw each one of them with my own eyes, some were dead and some were critical. I asked the man on my left (who also survived) to help me get up as my leg was broken but he couldn’t because his leg was also broken,”

Her brother, 26, said: "I arrived at the scene an hour later, I went to the tent housing the bodies, I checked the bodies one by one because I wasn't sure where my sister was," he said.

Survivor story 3: "It was like a roller coaster"

Survivor story 3: "It was like a roller coaster"

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"It was like on a roller-coaster" - this was the description given by two sisters who recalled the terrifying moments when the bus they were in plunged into a 60-metre deep ravine at Genting Highlands yesterday.

Syamimi Ja'far, 25, who broke her left shoulder, said the bus was speeding and the driver appeared angry. "There was a small argument between the bus driver and the driver of a Honda car at the entrance of the temple.

Syamimi said the bus stopped in the middle of the road for almost 5 minutes before reversing and continuing the journey. "Some passengers told him not to be angry. But this only made him angrier and he sped off," she said.

Soon afterwards passengers started to scream in terror as the bus went out of control and plunged into the ravine, she said.

Her sister Intan Liyana, 26, said "She said she kept seeing the bodies around her and hearing the screams for help. They are keeping her awake."
"She told our mother (Ajidah Mat Shahir, 60) that all she thought of was to live. She crawled and climbed on the bodies of other passengers to get out of the bus," she said at Selayang Hospital today.

Survivor story 2: "The bus driver was playing with our lives"

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He said the driver made no effort to swerve to the emergency escape ramp, which was directly before the spot where the bus went over the ravine. Lim then made a sudden turn which almost caused a Honda City to hit the bus.

"Lim had been speeding down the slope despite knowing that the brakes were faulty. The journey downhill had barely begun when we narrowly avoided hitting a pillar," 26-year-old Tan alleged.

“I was sure I was going to die. I had been sitting at the back row of the bus but I was thrown right to the front. If not for the big trees there, the bus would have plunged down even further,” he said.

“My only thought at the time was that I must stay alive no matter what happened. I was trapped. There were bodies on top and under me. Luckily, I still had a bit of room to breathe,” said the 26-year-old as he described the horrific experience.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin says they will find the cause of the accident

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin say they will find the cause of the accident.

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Acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said it was premature to draw conclusions at this stage. Authorities have also denied that the bus was overloaded or had been blacklisted due to outstanding traffic summonses.

Relevant agencies under the Transport Ministry would conduct their own investigations on the bus tragedy in Genting Highlands yesterday. The outcome of the investigations would be sent to the inquiry panel headed by the Public Land Transport Commission (SPAD).

Transport acting minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein listed the agencies as Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros) and Road Safety department, apart from the police. He also gave the assurance that the investigations would be thorough and transparent.

"We will leave no stone unturned to find out the cause. I am speechless to have learned of such a tragedy during this Hari Raya festive season. This is not the first time such a bus accident has happened in Genting. I sympathise with the victims and their families.

"I am saddened and regret the incident. But speculations and issues that could provoke the emotions must be restrained. We will do our utmost to get to the truth," he said.

Resorts World Genting say the bus was a public bus that drove to Genting daily

Resorts World Genting say the bus was a public bus that drove to Genting daily

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The Resorts World Genting management, which expressed sadness over the Genting Highlands bus tragedy, said the vehicle was public transportation which plied the Genting access road on a daily basis to Jalan Tun Razak here.

PETALING JAYA: The management of Resorts World Genting (RWG) has expressed its condolences to the families of those killed in the bus accident.

In a statement, RWG said it had provided manpower of up to 130 people, including doctors, and assisted the authorities with ambulance services. Food and equipment such as cranes were also provided.

Bus driver's sister says "although he just worked here for 2 months, he had been driving in Singapore for several years."

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Housing and Urban Wellbeing Minister Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan said the bus was a 44-seater and most of the passengers who survived the crash were seated at the back.

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim said financial aid of RM500 would be extended to the survivors of the crash and RM1000 will be given to families of passengers who died.

Sultan of Pahang was visibly upset over the bus crash

Sultan Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah (in blue jacket) and Pahang Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob at the site. NSTP/Aizuddin Saad

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The Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah, who visited the site of the express bus crash in Genting Highlands tonight, expressed profound regret over the tragedy which left 37 dead and 16 injured.

Having arrived at the location at 6.40pm, he said he had discussed with the Genting Highlands management to undertake expenses for operations related to the accident.

"I have spoken to the Genting Highlands management that whatever expenditure was incurred today, would be undertaken by Genting Highlands. The Sultan, who was visibly upset over the tragedy, said he wanted the people to assist and help one another.

Rescuers say "it was the first time I've seen so many bodies"

Rescuers say "it was the first time I've seen so many bodies"

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For fireman Abdul Malik Mohd Jan, 60, said it was one of the worst scenes he had ever encountered. Abdul Malik said the crash site was a horrendous scene of splattered blood and bodies mangled beyond description.

Civil Defence Department (JPAM) officer Mohd Safari Nasaruddin, 29: “Most of us are upset with the incident, and this is definitely one of worst crashes recorded in Malaysia’s history”

“We had to move fast to cordon off the area and assist in setting up rescue equipment. It was a race to find the survivors because we all knew time was running out."

“It was the first time I’ve seen so many bodies and I couldn’t stop to think about it,” said Safari, who has been with Smart since 2002. A total of 456 personnel were involved in rescue and body recovery operations at the crash site.

Survivors story 1: "Everyone was screaming in fear"

One of the 16 survivors said she had a bad feeling when boarding the bus after seeing its poor physical condition. Nur Syamimi Ja'afar, 25, said she clearly noticed that it was an old, dilapidated bus with bald tyres.

“Nur Fathiah also sustained minor injuries. She said they crawled out of the bus through the broken window and tried to help other victims. She said they saw some with severe head injuries and some pinned under the bus,” Zaid said.

"The bus was travelling fast as it came down the slope. The bus first crashed into a side wall before it rammed into another wall and plunged into the ravine. My daughter held on to her seat for dear life before the bus finally came to a stop."

Survivor Suriardi Budiarto, 52: “The bus was not speeding, but when it approached the temple, it lost its brakes. It kept picking up speed and everyone was screaming in fear.

“There was a lorry in front and the bus driver had to swerve to avoid it and lost control,” he said.
Suriardi blacked out during the plunge and woke up to find that he had been flung a few metres from the bus.

Survivors say "everyone was screaming in fear".

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Victim's story: Wife did not even know that her husband had gone to Genting Highlands

A woman only learnt that her husband had died in the bus accident at Genting Highlands Wednesday through the funeral parlour.

Lim Yee Ha, 64, said this was because the bus company had sent the body of her husband, Choo Peng Kwan, 67, from the accident site to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL).

According to Lim, she did not know that her husband had gone to Genting Highlands because Choo did not tell her where he was going when he left the house early yesterday morning.

Meanwhile, Roslan Jantan, 54, had previously advised his elder brother Rasib, 61, a security officer at a hotel in Genting Highlands, who was among those killed in the bus accident, not to take such a bus to commute to his work place.

The bus was on JPJ blacklist and was overloaded by 9 people

The Star reported that checks on the Road Transport Department website revealed that the ill-fated bus was not road-worthy although the reason was unclear.

Authorities noted yesterday that over half of the passengers were foreigners from China, Bangladesh and Thailand and that the bus had exceeded its maximum capacity of 44 passengers.

The paper also quoted a spokesperson for Genting Malaysia Berhad as saying that the vehicle is a public transport bus. “It is not ours,” the spokesman said, before offering condolences to the families of the dead and accident victims.

Bentong OCPD Superintendent Mansor Mohd Noor disclosed that the bus belonged to a Kuala Lumpur-based company known as Genting Highlands Transport Sdn Bhd.

The bus driver also died in Malaysia's worst road tragedy

All passengers have been accounted for in Malaysia's worst road tragedy

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Thirty-seven people were killed after a bus carrying 53 plunged into a 30m ravine near Genting Highlands around 3pm on Wednesday.

According to Fire and Rescue Department deputy director-general Datuk Soiman Jahid, the dead included the driver of the bus. It is believed that the bus driver had lost control of the bus, which then rammed a divider before plunging down the gorge.

“The descent was very steep and if the bus was not controlled well it could have skidded and plunged into the ravine," fire and rescue department assistant director Datuk Soiman Jahid told Malaysia news agency Bernama.

Police have said the bus was part of a regular line that ferries visitors between the capital and the hill resort, Agence France-Presse reported.
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Hospital Kuala Lumpur says it will take 9 to 10 hours to complete autopsies for all 37 bodies

Rescuers were forced to improvise a pulley system to pull injured passengers and dead bodies back up to the road, the Bangkok Post reported.

Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) expects the autopsies on the 37 bodies of the Genting Highlands bus accident to take between 9 to 10 hours.

"Each autopsy will require one hour. With 12 forensic specialists, we can work on four bodies per session," Jeyaindran said the identity of victims could only be identified after the autopsy was completed and the bodies claimed by beneficiaries.

Deputy director-general of Health, Datuk Dr S. Jeyaindran said the autopsies began at 11.20pm and were expected to be completed at about 9.30am Thursday. "This is to avoid mistakes because personal documents were not found on the victims."

11:00pm: Death toll now at 37, 16 injured

Rescuers inspecting the bodies of victims laying on the ground in Genting Highlands Wednesday.

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Terkini meragut 37 nyawa penumpang iaitu 24 lelaki dan 13 perempuan; 16 orang yang lain cedera 11 lelaki 5 wanita daripada 53 penumpang mengikut sumber.

Beberapa senarai nama mangsa tidak rasmi daripada Hospital Selayang dikeluarkan.

Thirty-seven people died in a horrific bus crash near mountain resort Genting Highlands today, in what is arguably the worst road accident involving an express bus in recent years.

Rescuers bringing out an injured passenger from the Genting bus crash. - The Malaysian Insider pic by Najjua Zulkefli, August 21, 2013.

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The dead included 24 males and 13 females. Sixteen people were injured in the incident. The search and rescue operation was called off at 10pm.

The driver, in his 40s, also died in the accident, police said. The 16 passengers who were rescued, 10 men and six women, were sent to hospitals in Selayang, Kuala Lumpur, Sungai Buloh and Bentong.

10:45pm: PM, DPM convey condolences to families of victims

Hishammuddin: Kerajaan Akan Cari Punca Tragedi Hingga Lubang Cacing

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has expressed his sympathies for victims of the Genting bus tragedy, in which 37 people perished.

"Condolences to the family of the victims. Hope the agencies involved are conducting the best rescue operation," he tweeted Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, in Bangkok, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has directed all relevant agencies to set up a special task force to investigate the accident.

"I am saddened by this accident. Condolences to the family of the victims. I hope they will remain patient in this trying time," he said upon arrival for his three-day official visit to Thailand here in the evening.

9:04pm: 17 survivors rushed to hospital, 33 feared dead

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Sekurang-kurangnya 33 orang dikhuatiri mati selepas sebuah bas yang membawa pelancong terhumban ke dalam gaung sedalam 30 meter di Kilometer 36, Lebuh Raya Karak menghala ke Kuala Lumpur kira-kira pukul 2.20 petang Rabu.

Thirty-three people are feared dead after a stage bus carrying 49 passengers plunged into a ravine along the road heading down from Genting Highlands earlier this afternoon.

8:20pm: Bodies of victims sent to HKL

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The bodies of victims of Wednesday's horrific bus crash in Genting are being brought to Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) for post mortem.

7:23pm: 21 confirmed dead

At 7pm, Kuala Lumpur Fire and Rescue Department chief Azizan Ismail said rescue operations would continue for at least another two hours.

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Twenty-one people were confirmed dead and more feared killed after a bus carrying local tourists plunged into a 30m ravine near Genting Highlands around 3pm Wednesday.

It is believed that the bus driver had lost control of the bus, which then rammed a divider before plunging down the gorge.

So far, 28 have been pulled out from the bus.

The road heading downhill from the Chin Swee Caves Temple in Genting Highlands has been closed due to rescue operations over the Wednesday bus crash.

[PHOTOS] Genting bus falls off cliff descending Karak Highway

An aerial view of the bus crash at 2.48pm, 21 August 2013.

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[PHOTOS] Genting bus falls off cliff on the way down the mountain

Image via

[PHOTOS] Genting bus falls off cliff on the way down the mountain

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Menurut Azizan kemalangan berlaku di Kilometer 3.6 Jalan Genting Highlands-Kuala Lumpur membabitkan sebuat bas ekspres henti-henti Genting Highlands.

BOMBA are on the scene rescuing the 49 victims

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Image via
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17 Gambar, Video: 37 Maut Nahas Ngeri Bas Genting Highland Jatuh Gaung 21082013

21 Ogos 2013 - Kemalangan di alamat KM3 Lebuhraya Karak melibatkan sebuah bas telah terjatuh gaung sedalam 40 meter. Kejadian berlaku kira-kira 2.48 petang tadi (terima panggilan). Laporan selanjutnya akan dikemaskini dari masa ke semasa.

5.40PM: 17 victims have been saved while 32 more are still 200 feet at the bottom of the cliff; one dead

As of 5.30pm, 17 passengers had been rescued and sent to hospitals in Selayang and Kuala Lumpur. One of those rescued later died.

Sidang akhbar Penolong Pengarah Operasi Bomba Kuala Lumpur, Azizan Ismail: Setakat ini 32 mangsa lagi masih berada di bawah gaung sejauh 200 kaki dan pemerhatian awal bomba mengatakan mereka sudah meninggal dunia. Bomba menjangkakan semua 49 mangsa.

Asalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera. Saya kini berada di Genting Highland di mana dilaporkan sati kemalangan sebuah bas ekspres telah jatuh ke dalam gaung. - MOHD. HAZLI HASSAN

[PHOTOS] Genting bus falls off cliff on the way down the mountain

Image via

Reports say there were approximately 40 passengers in the bus

The bus, carrying 49 passengers, was headed for the city at the time.
The passengers are believed to be local and foreign tourists.

[PHOTOS] Genting bus falls off cliff on the way down the mountain

Image via

A tourist bus descending from the popular Genting Resort, apparently rolled off the cliff at 2:30pm today!!

Police said there about 40+ ppl inside but the bus is totally silent. Happen at the road coming down genting. Police and ambulance was on route.

A view of the highway leading up and down Genting Highlands

A view of the highway leading up and down Genting Highlands

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