22-Year-Old German Tourist Falls To Death From The Peak Of Mount Kinabalu

22-year-old Victoria Paulsen passed away after falling 30 meters from Low's Peak on Mount Kinabalu on 10 February 2014.

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A 22-Year-Old German Tourist Passed Away After Falling From The Peak Of Mount Kinabalu On Monday, 10 February 2014

KOTA KINABALU (Feb 10): A German tourist, 22, is believed to have died after falling from the summit of Mount Kinabalu which is 4,095m above sea level, here, this morning.

The peak of Mount Kinabalu.

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Victoria Paulsen Was Climbing Mount Kinabalu With Four Other Tourists And A Guide

Ranau police waiting at Timpohon gate at Mount Kinabalu.

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The woman was part of a group five tourist that scaled the mountain and joined up with another group of French tourist when the accident occurred.

Paulsen was studying at Xiamen University in China.

Paulsen had climbed the peak to see the sunrise with other tourists including a guide and at least one male friend, Rahman said. Her body has been sent to a mortuary.

Paulsen Was Believed To Be Waiting For The Sun Rise At Low's Peak (4,095m) At 6am

The trail to the summit of Mount Kinabalu.

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Before the mishap, the victim, Victoria Paulsen, was believed to be waiting to catch a glimpse of the sun rising at the peak of the mountain with her colleagues, at about 6am.

She Was Taking Photographs When She Slipped On Loose Rocks And Fell 30m Down A Steep, Rocky Granite Slope

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She was taking photographs from around the peak of the mountain (Low's Peak at 4,095m) when she slipped and fell.

District police officer Rahman Kassim said Victoria Paulsen fell some 30 metres (100 feet) down a rocky surface from the peak of Kinabalu, one of Southeast Asia’s highest mountains and a major tourist attraction in the eastern state of Sabah.

“The victim is believed to have suffered serious injuries to her head and legs but the actual cause of her death would be investigated,” he said.

The Guide Believes Paulsen Had Climbed Over A Safety Rope Into A Cordoned-Off Area When She Fell

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Meanwhile, Sabah Parks head of safety and enforcement Thomas Yussop said the victim was believed to have crossed the safety line in order to take pictures of the rising sun.

The guide said Paulsen had climbed over a rope into a cordoned-off area when she slipped, Rahman told AFP but added that the police were still investigating the incident.

After A Police Report Was Lodged At 7am, Kinabalu Park Rangers Started To Bring Down The Body Of The Victim. The Recovery Effort Took 11 Hours.

The body of Victoria Paulsen arriving at the Kinabalu National Park in Kundasang.

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He said personnel from the Sabah Parks started to bring down the body of the victim after a report was lodged at the Ranau police headquarters at 7am.

A team of rescuers climbed up the mountain to retrieve the body.

Efforts to recover the body from the slope was done from 7am by the Kinabalu Park rangers who took about 11-hours to eventually bring her down.

The Body Is Awaiting Post-Mortem At The Ranau Hospital. Police Will Be In Contact With The German Embassy For Further Action.

The victim's body was brought at 6pm and currently placed at the Ranau Hospital mortuary and awaiting port-mortem,” he told Bernama, here today.

Abdul Rahman said police would be in contact with the German Embassy for further action.

They classified the case as sudden death as they do not suspect any foul play.

Fatal Accidents Rarely Occur In Mount Kinabalu, The Fifth Highest Mountain In Southeast Asia

Every year tens of thousands of locals and foreigners climb the mountain, which rises 4,095 metres high above Sabah’s thick rainforests. Fatal accidents are rare.

Mount Kinabalu is the fifth highest mountain in Southeast Asia.

Fatal Accidents Rarely Occur In Mount Kinabalu, The Fifth Highest Mountain In Southeast Asia

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