Tourists Frustrated With M'sia's Public Transportation After Not Being Allowed On Bus

The tourist shared that they had been waiting for the bus for a long time.

Cover image via @big_laddo (TikTok)

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A few German tourists encountered a frustrating incident when they were not allowed to board a bus at a Batu Caves stop in Gombak, Selangor

TikTok user @big_laddo recently shared a video of the encounter on his account, with the caption, "Public transport in Malaysia is not tourist-friendly!"

In the video, a German man and two women are seen trying to board a RapidKL bus. But, they had to exit the bus after chatting with the bus driver.

The tourist explained that they could not get on the bus because they did not have a Touch 'n Go card.

Most modes of public transportation in Malaysia do not adopt an open payment system and often rely on Touch 'n Go cards or tokens to pay for ride fares

The tourist addressed his frustrations to the camera, explaining that he and two friends had been waiting for the bus for a long time.

"There was no information on how to pay for the bus, so the bus driver told us that we couldn't get on," the tourist said.

He also added that they did not know where to get Touch n' Go cards and suggested for more convenient payment methods.

The man also said that the bus stops had outdated, fading signs which made it difficult for users to read. He also said that the bus stop was uncomfortable to wait at because it was not covered and did not have proper seating.

Several netizens commented that the tourists should have done their research about Malaysia and its public transportation before travelling

One netizen said, "Don't simply say 'you don't know'. Before you travel, you need to study how Malaysians travel using public transportation. That's the basic information to know before you travel."

Meanwhile, another netizen highlighted that Malaysia has a poor public transportation system and compared it to Singapore. They said that the bus schedule in Singapore is available online and users can choose to pay either by Apple Pay or cash.

Another netizen suggested that bus drivers in Malaysia should have some Touch n' Go cards with them, so if somebody was ever in need of one, they could sell it to them then and there.

Here's a list of places that sell Touch 'N Go cards:

RapidKL may not have an open payment system, but KTMB stations do:

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