"Get Lost! What Have You Done For Us?" – Uncle Goes Viral For Confronting Campaigners

The uncle kept gesturing 'shoo' at the political campaigners who were visiting his neighbourhood.

Cover image via @chean_nasution (Twitter)

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A video showing an uncle chasing away two individuals believed to be campaigning for the upcoming Melaka state poll went viral on Twitter recently

In the less than a minute long video, the shirtless uncle can be seen interrupting two individuals who are talking to a family from outside their house.

The duo is holding flyers of a politician dressed in blue in their hands.

"Get lost, get lost," the uncle demands as he gestures 'shoo' with his hand.

"What have you done for the Indian people? You guys are only here when you are going to poll."

At the time of writing, the video has garnered over 13,000 likes and 9,200 retweets

Many netizens cheered for the uncle because they resonated with his feelings.

"The people are starting to get fed up with politics. One day, the people will not go out to vote," said a Twitter user.

"It seems that now the people are fed up, they are lazy to pay attention to these 'politikus'. Chat a lot, (but) won't do a thing. (All of them are) busy fighting for positions," criticised a netizen.

"That uncle speaks nothing but absolute facts. These people all claim 'I will... I will...', 'not that I did that, I did this'. All false promises. Repeat every election. Using only sweet words (to lure votes)," added a person.

Image via Twitter

Many netizens also sympathised with the uncle as well as lauded him for speaking up

The anger through that uncle's voice just says it all.
Twitter user

"Great. This is the treatment these people should receive," a netizen replied.

One person suggested in jest that there is no need to understand what the uncle is trying to say as his sign language says it all.

Image via Twitter

Melaka electorates will hit the poll this 20 November.

A total of 112 candidates will be contesting in the state election. Three seats in the Melaka state legislative assembly are up for six-corner fights this Saturday, reported Bernama.

Below is the video of the uncle confronting the campaigners:

There have been several controversies in the lead up to the Melaka state election:

The Melaka state government fell in early October after four state assemblypersons (ADUNs) withdrew their support for then Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Sulaiman Md Ali: