Girl Repeatedly Slapped By School Bully Inside A Classroom While Others Watch

PDRM has been requested to investigate the case and bring the culprit to justice.

Cover image via Facebook

A video posted by a Facebook user shows an unidentified school bully repeatedly slapping a girl inside a classroom in Malaysia

Image via Facebook

First uploaded on 25 April, it's not clear though when and where in Malaysia this incident of bullying happened.

The video was reuploaded by another Facebook user on 26 April when it went viral. At the time of writing, it has over 13K shares.

The less than 30 seconds-long video shows the school boy standing opposite the girl sitting on her desk. He is towering over her, both his hands pressed against the table, talking to the girl. The video, shot in mobile, is inaudible. He then suddenly slaps the girl, first with his right hand, then he uses his left arm to slap the girl twice again.

From the video, due to its short length and inaudible quality, it's hard to say what prompted the boy to repeatedly slap the girl

However, as the video shows, no one in the classroom seems to be even slightly bothered by what's going on.

There is no class teacher, the students are left unsupervised and, it appears, they couldn't care less about the girl being slapped again and again and again.

The video was later shared by Malaysian Crime Awareness Campaign, where it requested PDRM to investigate the case.

Watch the video below:

In case, you know anything more about the incident recorded in the video, please drop us a comment or write to us at [email protected]

Previously, a Malaysian had posted videos showing him berating a couple from Singapore for parking their car in an OKU lot in Johor:

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