Girl Runs Away From Home In Johor After Mum Forces Her To Sell Her Body To Pay Off Debts

The mother allegedly allowed her 17-year-old daughter to sleep with her 60-year-old 'godfather', who pays a sum of money to her every time they sleep together.

Cover image via CNN

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A 17-year-old girl ran away from home after her mother forced her to use her body as a way to pay off the family's debts

According to China Press, the teenager, surnamed Zhan (transliteration), said that she and her mother lived in Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru, and the pair led a hard life which was riddled with debt and poverty. Because of this, Zhan alleged that her mother used her as a 'debt-repayment tool' and forced her to sleep with men for money.

According to her, her mother told her that she borrowed money from a loan shark but could not repay the debt. Therefore, Zhan's mother allegedly forced her to sleep with a male tenant at the building they were staying.

In 2022, Zhan was allegedly forced to sleep with another tenant at their house.

He was a 60-year-old man whom she referred to as her 'godfather'

Zhan claimed that her relationship with the man grew to the point that they both regarded each other as their own romantic partner and would engage in sexual intercourse with one another. 

It was understood that Zhan's mother was aware of their relationship but said nothing as the man would give her RM100 each time Zhan slept with him and she would give her mother the money.

Zhan's ordeal went on for two months before she decided to escape to a children's shelter run by a local church in early March. The victim reported to be leading a normal and happier life since leaving her home.

The victim allegedly admitting in a video that she no longer wanted to live with her mother anymore.

Image via China Press

Zhan was aided by a social worker who has helped her out of the situation she was in and has been supporting her in leading a normal life

The social worker was said to have come to an agreement with the victim's mother to ensure she will no longer interfere with her daughter's life again. The mother agreed and a photo of the mother posing with the document she signed was taken as proof.

The mother also allegedly took a psychiatric test to prove that she was in a sound state of mind and was aware of her decision when signing the contract. 

The victim's mother (right) pictured with the alleged document she signed.

Image via China Press

The alleged 'contract' that was drawn up by the social worker for the victim's mother to sign, promising that she will never interfere in her daughter's life again.

Image via China Press
Image via China Press

However, despite promising she will never interfere with her daughter's life again, the mother has been allegedly harassing the children's shelter and social worker

The victim claimed that her mother was accusing the social worker for taking her child away from her and 'abducting' her. She was also said to have slandered the reputation of the children's shelter until they began receiving harassment calls. 

Unable to bear the constant harassment her mother caused, Zhan decided to file a police report against her mother on Tuesday night, 20 September. Because of the mother's accusations, the social worker had to bring Zhan to the police station to prove to the police that they did not abduct the victim.

The social worker has also appealed to the public to not believe any rumours about the situation and will be making police reports on anyone who continues to call and harass them and the children's shelter. 

Zhan has made it clear that she does not want to return to her mother and wants to move on from what she describes as an 'unbearable' situation. She hopes that she can lead a new and normal life, independent from her mother. 

Zhan (middle) pictured with two volunteers from the children's shelter, outside the Johor Jaya police station after filing a police report against Zhan's mother.

Image via

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