Look At These Breathtaking Photos Of Tokyo Enjoying Its First November Snow In 54 Years!

The last time snow fell in November in Tokyo, the Japanese capital had no high-rise buildings.

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Earlier today, people of Tokyo woke up to their city's first November snowfall in 54 years. What's more interesting is that residents of the Japanese capital can enjoy autumn leaves and snowfall at the same time today. A rare event!

While the temperatures around this time of the year usually range from 10C to 17C, the snowfall is the result of an unusually cold air mass. And by Friday morning, there could be up to two centimetres of snow in Tokyo, forecast says.

A woman walks in the snow at Kanda Myojin Shrine in Tokyo, 24 November 2016.

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However, as the snow fell and accumulated on sidewalks and cars in Tokyo's western suburbs, but above-freezing temperatures meant that in most places it didn't last long

Having fun with snow in November. Last snow in November was 54 years ago. #tokyosnow #snowinNovemberin Tokyo #hida

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First snowfall of this year ❄️ #tokyosnow #snow

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Still, the fact that Tokyo is experiencing its first November snowfall in over 5 decades is pretty fascinating.
As BBC notes, the last time snow fell in November in Tokyo, the Japanese capital had no high-rise buildings.

A rare sight at this time of year: Snow falls across the rooftops of residential buildings in Tokyo.


These photos show how gorgeous Tokyo looks right now:

Citizens head to work in Tokyo on Thursday morning.

Image via AFP/Kazuhiro Nogi via Scroll

Tourists in front of the Kaminarimon gate at Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo's Asakusa district

Image via Reuters/Toru Hanai via Scroll

A tourist at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

Image via Reuters/Toru Hanai via Scroll

Men are seen near ginkgo trees at a park in Tokyo.

Image via euters/Toru Hanai via Scroll

First November snow in Tokyo in 54 years falling on Sensoji temple, Kyodo.

Image via robotopia via Twitter

Just look at these. Absolutely breathtaking!

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Even the Great Buddha of Kamakura in Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo, was covered with a layer of snow

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Makes us wish we were in Tokyo right now. Sigh!

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