[PHOTOS] Malaysia's Own 'Sakura' Season In Kedah

Tecoma flowers are blossoming!

Cover image via UTC KEDAH RASMI

It's that picturesque time of the year again! Springtime in Japan looks magical as the beautiful sakura flowers are in full bloom, cheering up the mundane streets with a splash of pink.

Don't fret if you've missed out the chance to catch them in Japan, as we have our very own 'sakura' flowers in Malaysia!

Tecoma flowers (Tabebuia Rosea) or locally known as pokok kertas tisu (tissue paper tree), started blossoming a couple of weeks ago in Kedah.

The streets have been transformed into painting-like sceneries as the flowers continue to blossom in our very own northern state.

Just look at those beautiful flowers lining the streets!

Image via Kedah Ohsem
Image via Senyum Kambing/

Kedah is graced with this beautiful landscape yearly, thanks to the long-term efforts of the Alor Setar City Council that started planting the trees more than 15 years ago

However, locals noted that there are way fewer flowers this year compared to the past years.

“A few days of heavy rain in Alor Setar at the end of February resulted in the trees producing less flowers. This is not because of the current heatwave,” Alor Setar City Council Landscape Unit chief Mohd Faizal Abu Bakar was quoted as saying by The Star.

The Star also reported that Mohd Faizal said that the Tecoma flowers were expected to be in full bloom until the end of this month.

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Meanwhile, the Alor Setar City Council (MBAS) is looking for ways to extend the blooming period of Tecoma trees from it's usual period of one to two weeks

Image via Mamy Aimi
Image via Mamy Aimi

"The weather in Kedah means the Tecoma flowers can only last for a short time. We want to get expert opinion on the use of fertilisers so that the blooming period can be extended," Alor Setar Mayor Datuk Mat Noh Ahmad said.

"When the blooming period is extended, the tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery like what they have during spring season in Japan and Korea," he told reporters last week.

There are 1,136 Tecoma trees planted along the city streets.

In 2015, the social media was flooded with beautiful photos of the Tecoma flowers as they were filling up the streets of Malaysia's northern states: