Health Minister Says Government Clinics Will Go Cashless In The Next Two Years

This is in line with the government's mission to transform Malaysia into a cashless society.

Cover image via Bernama/Malay Mail

The Government plans to implement a cashless payment facility in government clinics nationwide in the next two years

According to a report in The Malaysian Reserve, Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad said that the plan was in line with the government's vision to transform Malaysia into a cashless society.

"We are still planning although it will take some time, in the next two years, we want to develop (cashless payment) and operate nationwide," he said on Tuesday, 26 November.

To kick things off, a cashless payment service has been launched at four pilot locations

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dzulkefly Ahmad at the Cheras Health Clinic in Kuala Lumpur.

Image via The Malaysian Reserve

Malay Mail reported that the Ministry of Health is doing this through the introduction of an e-wallet called Boost for medical services at its health clinics.

"This cashless payment facility will not only provide convenience and comfort to patients, but will reduce the waiting time, which is a major problem facing patients," the Health Minister was quoted as saying by Malay Mail.

The Boost e-wallet was launched at the Cheras Health Clinic on Tuesday along with three other locations, namely, Kuala Lumpur Health Clinic, Precinct 18 Putrajaya Health Clinic, and Seremban Health Clinic.

Dr Dzulkefly said the e-wallet will diversify payment methods and will help shorten the waiting time for counter services

"The ministry is working on various initiatives to improve the services of front-line employees or counter registration. Efficient counter service can reduce patient's waiting time," he was quoted as saying by The Malaysian Reserve.

Meanwhile, he added that the plan in the coming two years is to expand and operate nationwide, which can be made possible through Internet access at government facilities and patients using their mobile phones.

"(With that), we can make cashless payments anywhere," he said.

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