Taekwondo Selangor Clarifies That 5-Pointed Star 'Flag' Is Actually Their Logo

The organiser said it is a fusion of the Selangor flag and the Jalur Gemilang.

Cover image via Anthony Chang/Facebook

Taekwondo Selangor has denied that its logo with a five-pointed star is a Jalur Gemilang blunder, but actually a Selangor-Malaysia flag fusion

The logo of the CK Classic International Taekwondo Championship - an event organised by Taekwondo Selangor - shows the outline of the Selangor state coloured largely with the Jalur Gemilang's colours.

It also has the Selangor's yellow and red colours at the bottom.

The yellow crescent in the logo is accompanied by a five-pointed star. The Malaysian flag has a 14-pointed star symbolising the unity of the 13 states with the federal government.

Amidst the controversy involving a local basketball event displaying an inaccurate Jalur Gemilang, netizens quickly called out Taekwondo Selangor for using the 'wrong flag' too

Photos of the logo taken during the 13th CK Classic International Taekwondo Championships went viral yesterday, 26 November.

They were published by Facebook user Anthony Chang and the post has since garnered over 900 shares.

Due to public pressure and scrutiny, Taekwondo Selangor has since published a statement to defend its logo design

"Firstly, we join voices in agreeing on the mishap during the recent basketball event with the five-pointed star being represented on our proud Malaysian flag," the statement published on its Facebook read.

"However, the overnight focus has suddenly been directed to our recent event, having alleged to have a five-pointed star on a Malaysian flag."

The statement clarified that the logo is not the Malaysian flag, but merely a logo to embody both Malaysia and Selangor.

They explained that the logo represents the country and state for being the host of the championship.

The statement also clarified that the five-pointed star symbolises participants coming from five foreign countries

"We have carried this logo for the longest time as this is our 14th edition championship coming 2020," the statement said.

"This was done on purpose, (and) not an ignorant act.

"Our objective for this event is to create an international platform for local athletes to compete."

However, Taekwondo Selangor said they will replace the logo with a 14-pointed star version from now on to "appease the many"

"Moving forward, we will change the star to appease the many," the caption of the statement read.

"We are after all Anak Malaysia, and we would like to stay united with our beloved country in doing the right thing."

You can read the full statement here:

Previously, the Malaysia Basketball Association was under fire for displaying the Malaysia flag with a five-pointed star:

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