A School In India Has 52 Pairs Of Twins Who Have Made Pranking Their Teachers A Hobby

Imagine studying in a school with 104 twins!

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There are 52 pairs of twins in this Indian school and they are confusing teachers with their mirror image-like appearances

The school is located in Sirkazhi town in Tamil Nadu's Nagapattinam, South India.

Out of the 52 twins, 21 pairs are mixed gender twins, 19 pairs are girl twins, and 12 pairs are boy twins, reported Sin Chew.

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The teachers are having a hard time distinguishing one student from another, and sometimes, they mistakenly punish the wrong students

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"We get confused about who was right and who was wrong. Then we get confused and even some times we end up punishing the wrong one too," one teacher told Newsflare.

However, the teachers admit that it is also double the fun to teach twins in the classrooms

Image via ETV Bharat

India-based news site ETV Bharat reported that the students will throw tantrums if they are separated from their siblings.

Some twins will help each other in answering questions during lessons, some will exchange study notes.

There are about 150 pairs of school-aged twins in Sirkazhi

One of the school principals said residents have become accustomed to the prevalence of twins in town, reported The Hindu.

Many of the twins in the town have made pranking their teachers a hobby

Twins KM Prithyanka and KM Priyanka.

Image via ETV Bharat

One of these prankster pairs, KM Prithyanka and KM Priyanka, attend another school - Vivekandanda Matriculation High School - which has 53 pairs of twins.

"When we were in primary classes, teachers used to make us sit in different sections to identify us correctly," Prithyanka related.

"However, we fussed and threw tantrums until we were allowed to sit together. Now, we play pranks on everyone."

The now-Grade 12 twins said they scored identical marks, 373, in Grade 10.

"We sat in different halls but scored the same marks. It is called a twin connection," Prithyanka added.

You can watch a video of the school with 52 twins here:

This Indian school has 52 pairs of twins

This school in southern India has 52 pairs of twins and it’s confusing the teachers

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