New Locally-Made Condom Enters The Malaysia Book Of Records For Being The Thinnest Ever

The theme of the launch was 'Dare to Feel'.

Cover image via Miera Zulyana/Malay Mail & Instagram @sarah.stylings

Malaysian condom manufacturer Care Latex has just unveiled its new "skin thin" condom to boost pleasure while advocating safe sex

According to Malay Mail, the latex male condom, dubbed 'Nipis', also set a record in the Malaysia Book of Records for being the thinnest in the country.

The new condom is 0.04 millimetres thin

At the launch yesterday, 26 November, Care Latex founder Bonn Lam said the new condom - themed 'Dare to Feel' - is set to take consumers to a brand new level of intimacy.

"When we thought of launching a new condom, we didn't just think about our consumers' wants, but also about our society's needs as a whole.

"The launch of Nipis reminds people that we shouldn't abandon our emotions and passion for things that matter to us and challenge ourselves to go ahead and dare ourselves to feel," he said.

Left to right: Malaysia Book of Records operation, research, and marketing manager Edwin Yeoh, chief operating officer Christopher Wong, Care Latex founder and executive director Bonn Lam, and executive director Patricya Tan.

Image via Miera Zulyana/Malay Mail

Despite sounding like a safety risk, the company has assured that the "skin thin" condoms have passed through stringent tests to ensure its durability and elasticity

They showcased the condom's strength and quality through various activities and games at the event held yesterday.

Besides the new release perfume scented 'Nipis', the company also has a wide range of existing condoms with different flavours & textures.

Care Latex also announced that they have joined hands with the Malaysian AIDS Council to highlight the importance of safe sex

"The awareness of the impact of unwanted pregnancies and complications of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in our society still needs much focus," said Lam.

As part of the collaboration, Care Latex will support Malaysia AIDS Council by donating part of the proceeds from the sale of the new condom at selected outlets.

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