Grab Driver Shares How Foreign Workers Gave A RM50 Tip For Not Discriminating Against Them

"Thank you for being willing to drive us today."

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A Grab driver's Facebook post detailing why a group of foreign workers gave him a generous tip three years ago has gone viral

Fadhli Sahar's post, which was published on 25 June, garnered over 3,900 shares at the time of writing.

"When I see a RM50 note in tip jars, it reminds me about my passenger from when I drove Grab last time," he wrote in the caption.

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Fadhli explained that he was about to accept a ride in Sunway when the passenger sent him a message warning about body odour

Since the ride fare was RM40, the driver accepted the job.

When he arrived at the pickup location, three Bangladeshi men, dressed as security guards, were waiting for him.

"Can you give us a ride?" they asked, to which he answered yes.

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"From the moment they entered my car, I have to hold my breathe," the netizen said

"Normally, I would talk to my passenger along the ride but this time I don't because I was 'disrupted'," Fadhli said, referring to the strong odour.

He proceeded to change the aircond mode from recirculating air to fresh air mode, reset the air conditioner, and lower his window.

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"Sometimes, I covered my nose with my shirt," he wrote.

While two of the passengers slept, he recalled that one of the men observed his actions.

"Are you okay boss?" the man asked.

"For me, it is rude to talk about people's body odour. Even though they are immigrants, they are still human," he wrote.

The driver said that he was okay.

The passenger then explained that they had ordered three Grab rides before that, but the drivers cancelled the bookings as soon as they saw the men.

"Sometimes, drivers are lazy to drive far," Fadhli said, in an effort to comfort the man.

When they arrived at the three men's destination, Fadhli was handed RM100 by the passenger he spoke to.

"When I tried to give him change [for the ride fare], he rejected me," he said.

"Don't worry about it, spend it on food for your children. Thank you for being willing to drive us today," the passenger said.

However, the driver felt like a RM50 tip was too much and insisted on returning change.

"It's okay, you keep it. I know you were not comfortable today. It's not just today that I am cancelled on by drivers, it's a lot of days," the passenger added.

"It's okay, it's my job," Fadhli replied.

In ending the post, the netizen wrote that, "The Bangladeshi men taught me a lot about life. They are still human. They have feeling, emotions, and thoughts".

"Until now, I don't understand why some of driver are choosy about their passenger based on appearance. If it is your job, just get it done," he said.

"All people are the same," he added.

Touched by Fadhli's story, netizens chimed in that foreign workers should not be discriminated against when they are only trying to earn an honest living

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