Grab Driver Takes Married Couple To Police Station After Accusing Them Of Being "Intimate"

Grab said they are investigating the case.

Cover image via Kohji Toh/Facebook

In an incident that happened over the week in Singapore, a female Grab driver allegedly accused her passengers, a married couple, of being intimate in her cab and drove them to the police station

According to the husband, who took to his Facebook account on Wednesday, 15 January to detail the bizarre incident, he and his wife were told by the Grab driver that they were being "intimate" after the wife — who had not been feeling well — had leaned on his shoulder while hugging his arm.

The husband alleges that the driver warned them to "behave"

In his Facebook post, the husband wrote that the driver warned him and his wife to behave while also telling him to sit further from the woman so that the two could be separated in the rear seat of her GrabCar.

The man's Facebook post has since gone viral with over 1,600 shares.

According to the husband, when he asked the driver what did they do wrong, she told the couple that they were being too intimate in her car

"I told her this is my wife and we are legally married so what's wrong for her to hug my arm and sleep on my shoulder," read the Facebook post.

"She still has the cheek to tell me this against the law and that she can call the police for this," he wrote, adding that he then told her to "go ahead" as they have done nothing wrong.

The Grab driver speaking to a police officer.

Image via Kohji Toh/Facebook

The driver then proceeded to call the police and drove to the nearest police station with the married couple still in her car

According to a report in AsiaOne, once at the police station, the officers told the couple that they had done nothing wrong as didn't "reveal" any part of their bodies.

AsiaOne stated that in Singapore nudity is prohibited in public places and punishable with fines up to SGD2,000 or imprisonment up to three months under the Public Order and Nuisance Act.

However, public display of affection such as kissing or hugging are not punishable.

In his Facebook post, the husband wrote that he is waiting for Grab to investigate the matter before he seeks compensation

To which, a Grab spokesperson was quoted by AsiaOne saying that the company is aware of the incident.

According to the Grab spokesperson, they are currently investigating the case.

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