Grab Glitched Out And Gave Everyone RM5 Rides No Matter Where They Went

Yes, even to another state.

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Grab riders in Malaysia today experienced a glitch on the ride-hailing app that only charged them RM5 for a ride to any part of the country

The glitch is estimated to have happened around 3.30pm today, 25 October.

Channel NewsAsia reported that users in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia also experienced a similar incident.

Passengers who were caught up in the "service interruption" were mostly confused by the whole situation

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

This passenger, however, wished fellow Grab passengers luck in finding a ride as many drivers might have turned off their app

Image via Twitter

Channel NewsAsia reported that a Singaporean Grab driver named "Marcus" did something similar.

"We have to maintain a certain acceptance rate to qualify for incentives. So I turned off my app and waited for Grab to solve the problem before going back online," he said.

Drivers were, rightfully, unhappy with the whole situation

One driver demanded Grab to explain "why the fare is only RM5 for 11km distance", adding that the drive to the passenger's pick-up point was already 4km.

Image via Twitter @GrabMY

Another driver was straight to the point: "Dear @GrabMY, why I drive 22.72km just for RM5?"

Image via Twitter @GrabMY

Over on Facebook, one driver sarcastically claimed: "Because Grab wants to thank their customers for their support, they told all their drivers to charge only RM5 to any location, to thank their customers."

At the time of writing, the app seems to have gone back to normal

So that's how much it costs to get to Genting.

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Grab has yet to release a statement on the incident, but the official Twitter account has been replying to complaints directed at them.

Image via Twitter @GrabMY

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