This Po Po Is Giving Out Her Address Hoping That Someone Can Take Care Of Her Sick Husband

She hopes kind-hearted strangers are able to help her and her husband.

Cover image via Facebook/Flora Lee

A netizen on Facebook is calling on the public to help this po po after an encounter with her in Bandar Puteri Puchong

The viral Facebook post shows a netizen at an eatery in Bandar Puteri Puchong with her friends when a woman approached her. The po po did not ask for money but instead, only gave her a piece of paper with her address and phone number.

Turns out, the po po's husband is unable to walk and she is looking for anyone who was willing to help her take care of her husband

The po po's husband had a stroke back in 2010 and has been paralysed since then.

They have a son but his whereabouts are currently unknown and it is believed he does not want to come back.

The po po walks around Puchong everyday to distribute handwritten papers bearing her address and phone number

According to the Facebook post, the po po has slight trouble walking and was even hit by cars twice.

With her body aching, she does not dare to enter restaurants or shops because she has been asked to leave several times. Moreover, she never asks for money as she fears people might think of her as a scammer.

Netizens were heartbroken upon finding out that sometimes, the po po only eats a slice of bread with a cup of Milo in a day

Posted by Flora Lee Mei Yun on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The po po said the reason for this was because food is too expensive.

The po po also carries around a newspaper clipping of her situation that was published a few years ago

However, the newspaper did not publish her phone number, address or bank details, so people were not sure how to help.

You can help this po po and her husband by donating or visiting them:

It is said that the po po will be in the Bandar Puteri area, near Old Town White Coffee.

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