Lee Chong Wei Opens Up About His Battle With Nose Cancer

The star shuttler has said that he is recovering well.

Cover image via NSTP

National badminton star Lee Chong Wei, who turned 36 last Sunday and is recovering from early stage nose cancer, opened up in a recent interview with NST Online about his off the court battle

While talking to NST Online about his off the court battle, the celebrated player shared that his nose cancer came as "a shock"

"...but it was fated and I have accepted it. No one expects things like this.

"When it was confirmed, I sought treatment and now we just have to see how it goes. But I feel optimistic and will adhere to doctors' orders to overcome this," he said.

Displaying a positive outlook in the face of such personal adversity, Lee Chong Wei added that perhaps he "needed this rest after all the years on the courts."

When asked when can his fans see him back on the court, Lee Chong Wei said that while there is a possibility in February next year, it all depends on his progress and what the doctors say

He thanked his fans for their wishes on his birthday, adding how their players and understanding has provided him with strength

"As you all know I am a fighter on the court and please pray that I win this off-court battle," the star shuttler was quoted as saying in the interview by NST Online.

Here's hoping LCW returns to the court healthier and stronger!

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