M'sians Shocked By Rider Who Earns RM200 Per Day & Has Over RM100K In His E-Wallet

One user commented that riders could only earn that much money if they worked day and night.

Cover image via @norazambudin (Twitter)

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A tweet depicting the daily earnings of a food delivery rider recently went viral on Twitter

In the tweet, user @norazambudin included screenshots from a TikTok video where a rider claimed to earn RM200 per day.
Aside from his daily earnings, the rider also revealed that he has over RM100,000 in his Grab e-wallet, all of which he earned while working as a Grab rider.

Shocked by the rider's earnings, the Twitter user asked his followers if it was true that food delivery riders could earn that much money.

"This brother is flexing on a different level. Is it true that this is the income of food delivery riders?" he asked.

Following the viral tweet, many Malaysians wondered if a food delivery rider could really make that much money

One user commented that riders could only earn that much money if they worked day and night. However, by working so hard, these riders were also putting their health at risk.

"You also need to consider the weather. It usually rains in the evenings these days, and riders end up squatting under bridges," wrote one Twitter user.

Image via Twitter

Another user said that their friend has been a food delivery rider for four years and has managed to save enough money to purchase a RM100,000 plot of land in Pahang.

However, their friend has never cashed out his delivery earnings and has been saving his money solely for the purpose of purchasing the land.

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, another user stated that the person who uploaded the TikTok cannot be trusted because riders nowadays are frequently left stranded with no jobs due to the large number of others doing the same job.

"You could have only made that much money during the COVID-19 [lockdown] days," they added.

Image via Twitter

Another user said the rider lied and edited his earnings with Google Chrome's Inspect Element.

Image via Twitter

As of writing, it has not been confirmed whether the images have been edited.

The tweet, however, has garnered over 1.1 million views and has been retweeted over 1,700 times on Twitter.

Read the full tweet here:

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