25-Year-Old Who Shunned Office Job To Sell Pao Proves Parents Wrong With A New House & Car

The woman said her parents used to compare her to her peers who had stable desk jobs, and express their embarrassment at her chosen profession.

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Many of us, fresh graduates and veteran nine-to-fivers alike, are often torn between passion and practicality.

Yet, our decisions are often skewed towards the latter, as pressure from society to enter the corporate rat race can be immense.

However, this woman from Shandong, China, proved that sometimes, if you follow your heart, success will follow.

Despite opposition from her family and friends, 25-year-old Yuan Yuan silenced naysayers when she created a thriving steamed bun business in just three years, claiming in a Douyin video that she was able to afford her own car and house at a young age as a result of her hard work.

Her Douyin account features videos of her making these buns, which are unique to the Shandong region, known as huabobo (花饽饽). They differ from normal steamed buns in that they feature ornate designs.

In the video, Yuan Yuan said her parents used to compare her to her peers who had stable desk jobs, and expressed their embarrassment at her chosen profession

"[They] used to say to me, 'Other people's kids are all getting normal office jobs. It's so shameful that you're making steamed buns instead'," she said.

In spite of their words, she continued to persevere, as she had decided since graduation to dedicate herself to the art of making huabobo.

"I worked hard at it for three years, and now, I've managed to afford a house and a car," the woman added.

"The same relatives that used to laugh at me now want their children to learn how to make huabobo from me."

In the caption of her video, she wrote, "I think there's no need to compare yourself to others. We only have one life, and our one obligation is finding out what we want for ourselves."

You can watch the Douyin video below:

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