Man Surprises Girlfriend With RM710,000 "Bling-Bling Supercar" Porsche For Her Birthday

A few months back, she joked with her boyfriend about having a sparkly supercar, unaware that her joke would soon turn into a reality.

Cover image via @hippo.ysc (Instagram)

If grand gestures are your love language, this woman's surprise birthday gift from her boyfriend might just take the cake

On 3 December, Bigo streamer and Instagram influencer, Jun Jun, received a bejewelled pink Porsche 718 Spyder from her boyfriend while she was out and about in KL on a girls' night.

It drew the attention of many passerby's, who stopped to marvel at the flashy spectacle.

She initially thought the car was for someone else, until she saw her Instagram handle plastered on the side of the truck's transparent shipping container.

The car, excluding the custom wrap, boasts an estimated retail value of RM710,000

According to the lucky lady, just a few months back, she joked with her boyfriend about having a "bling-bling supercar"

Speaking to Waupost, Jun Jun said she had pointed out the bedazzled car wrap to her boyfriend, and jokingly said they should've applied it to his car.

Unbeknownst to her, the Bigo streamer's boyfriend kept this in mind. He decided to go above and beyond for her birthday and bought her a brand spanking new Porsche with the exact same wrap.

Her boyfriend intentionally chose to spring the sports car on her the day she was out in the capital city celebrating with her friends, so that it wouldn't arouse any suspicion.

"Who [would've thought that] the whole joke [would become] a reality. It really caught me by surprise that the car [was] a gift to me," she confessed.

This isn't the first lavish gift Jun Jun has received.

On Valentine's Day, she was given a huge bouquet of RM100 notes, folded into the shape of flowers.

Just last month, a woman from Johor Bahru received a bright yellow Porsche 718 Cayman as a birthday present from her parents:

In March, a wife gifted her husband with a turquoise Lamborghini as a thank-you present:

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